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Saudi German Hospital – Riyadh joins the Mayo Clinic Care Network

Saudi German Hospital (SGH) Riyadh has declared that it has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network in the presence of his Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the governor of Riyadh. Leadership groups from Mayo Clinic and Saudi German Hospitals Group made the announcement at an event held at Saudi German Hospital Riyadh on the 20th of January 2020.

SGH Riyadh is the first hospital in Riyadh, and one of a few pick out hospitals in the Middle East to be a part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a team of carefully vetted, independent health care systems that have unique access to Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise.

This relationship enables SGH Riyadh providers to collaborate with Mayo Clinic specialists to talk about and resolve complex clinical cases together, at no extra fee to patients. Such a great collaboration will not only complement SGH Riyadh’s expertise, but it will also similarly enhance its services, medical consequences and patient experience. SGH Riyadh will also have access to Mayo Clinic’s huge medical resources, such as developments in clinical research and medical trials, which will help the doctors at SGH Riyadh and ultimately replicate in better results at the patients’ remedy level.

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President, Saudi German Hospitals Group, said: “SGH Group is very proud of this milestone, which once again reinforces our commitment to first-class patient care. Being part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network is part of our lengthy list of initiatives launched to meet the health needs of the communities we serve. Initiatives such as facility renovations, enhancements in patient experience, recruitment of new talent, and now the Mayo Clinic collaboration, to name a few, are a testament to our relentless efforts to be the leading clinical institution throughout the region.”
He added: “Through this clinically significant relationship with Mayo Clinic, our patients can experience international clinical care without having to travel. We are on a mission to improve and redefine the healthcare standards in the region and to finally proceed to carry out our organization’s purpose, which is relieving people’s suffering.”

Dr. David Hayes, Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Care Network, said: "We are very glad to welcome SGH Riyadh to the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Mayo Clinic has a lengthy record of collaborating with different medical providers to provide the first-class possible care for patients.
That is a deeply valued part of our culture. SGH Riyadh shares a similar dedication to provide unparalleled care to its patients and local communities, and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration."

Digital tools will be used to support the collaboration of both parties. AskMayoExpert, an online point-of-care tool designed by Mayo Clinic physicians, is one of these digital tools. This clear, concise resource provides disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations, and reference materials for an extensive range of medical conditions. eConsults will be utilized as well to connect SGH Riyadh’s doctors with Mayo Clinic specialists when the former requires extra inputs concerning a patient’s case. eTumor Boards will assist live teleconferences to enable SGH Riyadh’s doctors to take part in and talk about the management of complicated cancer cases with the crew of Mayo Clinic experts and other care network members.

Apart from direct connections between physicians, care network membership additionally gives a framework for strategic sharing of expertise and information, which includes Mayo medical trials and research; participation in collaborative engagements with Mayo and other member hospitals, conferences, forums and seminars; and use of Mayo Clinic's library of original health and well being content along with more than 2,500 patient-facing documents and videos.




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