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Remote Work System In Response To Government's Directives Launched By Community Development Authority In Dubai
Initiative aimed at making sure business continuity& bettering up safety of employees &customers

Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai unveiled the startup of a remote work policy that enables its workers to perform their official tasks from their residences and make sure the continuity of operations, in view of the current situation. The initiative was launched in response to the government's directives to make sure the health and safety of workers, their families, and customers, and to incorporate the best global standards and practices in work systems, which also enables workers to attain an optimal balance between their professional and personal lives. The declaration was made next to the successful completion of an experimental part, in the course of which numerous workers of the Authority worked remotely. Their performances at the time of the trial phase were scrutinized and it was identified that the system works efficiently.

The outcomes of the first phase of remote work system were reviewed at the time of a meeting of CDA’s Higher management, the approach objectives to divide the Authority’s employees into different teams, so that these teams can take turns to work remotely. By avoiding the gathering of workers in the office, the approach develops preventive measures, while also facilitating the continuity of tasks that need workers to be physically present in the workplace. Furthermore, following the government’s directives, the management decided to instantly authorize remote work system for various roles within the Authority, and particularly for pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, people of determination and the elderly. Besides, mothers who hold responsibility for children studying in the ninth grade and below, and in line with the remote learning system for students, will be assisted with the possibility to work from homes or to use flexible hours, while making sure the continuity and quality of work.

H.E Ahmad Julfar, Director General of the Community Development Authority in Dubai, said that the Authority’s implementation of the remote work system, with the integration of advanced technology that makes sure uninterrupted workflow is an international practice that makes contributions to assuring a healthy balance between the worker’s personal and professional lives. The policy also considers different situations that prevent workers from traveling to the office and enables a broad range of workers to execute their works and follow the work progress using modern communication tools.
He also mentioned: "The adoption of the remote work system, which has been developed using modern technologies, makes sure worker’s seamless communication with their colleagues and supervisors, and allows them to take part in virtual meetings, exchange documents and follow up on works smoothly. The introduction of this system right now will make contributions to improving health safety of our workers, their families and our valued customers."

"We are eager to make use of all present day capabilities and developed technologies to improve the safety of our workforce and our clients in a manner that assures efficient services and seamless access to them," he finished.




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