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To Provide Smart Electrical Safety And Reliability Forces Joined By Smartworld And Manav

Smartworld and Manav Enterprise have formed a business consortium to supply smart electrical safety and reliability to government and private businesses in the UAE. Through this alliance, Smartworld will offer complete suite of Manav Energy solutions from survey, design, supply, installation, commissioning and products in the field of earthing & lightning safety system, which reduces electrical incidents to near zero.

The products and services of Manav Enterprise safeguards over 600 installations in the Middle East from fatality and asset loss from electrical incidents.

“Our subject matter professionals in the field of electrical safety and reliability offer complete analysis of power system, power quality, electromagnetics, lightning management and earthing management throughout various sectors such as refineries, rail, airports, telecom, defense, iconic buildings and mission critical establishments.” stated Sonjib Banerjee, President, Manav Enterprise.

The IoT based products allows decision makers to predict and prevent electrical hazards, breakdown or failure. The system can be linked to independent disaster management cells that can similarly review hazardous installation based on online data. Electrical safety parameters of establishments can be monitored and certified accordingly based on reputed standards.

“This consortium will enhance long term customer alliance for validation, advise and certification as per UAE safety norms. This effort will be instrumental for local and national skills development. It will endeavor to make the UAE one of the most electrically safe places in the world”. Stated Abdulqader Ali, CEO of Smartworld.




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