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To Promote Physical Wellbeing of UAE Residents, Go Gamers’ Egames Series Has Been Sponsored By Visa

To Promote Physical Wellbeing of UAE Residents, Go Gamers’ Egames Series Has Been Sponsored By Visa

Visa is offering shoppers with yet another incentive to take part in the United Active Engaged (UAE) EGAMES series, launched by Go Gamers and recommended by Baniyas Sport Club, as part of its sponsorship of the month-long initiative.

Launched on April 18, the UAE EGAMES series is a nationwide initiative packed with stay-at-home competitions for the entire family, from video game tournaments to health challenges and social media contests. The initiative aims to foster a sense of community among UAE residents who stay in lockdown over the next few weeks due to COVID-19.

In part of its general sponsorship, Visa will solely sponsor two physical challenges in the UAE EGAMES Series that are over a three-day period. These encompass the ‘Squat Squad’ and the ‘Crunches’ challenge that will be held on May 7 and May 10 respectively. Winners of the challenges will get hold of a gold coin each, worth AED 900 backed by Visa.

Kalika Tripathi, Head of Marketing, MENA at Visa stated “In the UAE, e-gaming has exponentially elevated in popularity over time and has had a considerable impact socially and culturally with more than 80% of smartphone users figuring out themselves as 'mobile gamers’. Now with a huge majority of residents staying indoors and following social distancing due to COVID-19, it is only logical that they are engaged in more stay-at-home activities, and this is the place the effect of e-gaming and e-sports initiatives turns into more pronounced.

We at Visa are proud to be related with this sort of an initiative that is aimed at promoting the physical and mental health of residents in the UAE.”

The United Active Engaged - EGAMES Series will see people of all ages throughout the UAE add photos and videos of themselves and their families competing to win every day challenges that promote family bonding and encourage residents to workout while staying indoors.

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