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Predictive Security Intelligence an Important Instrument in Fighting Cyber Attacks

  • Predictive Security Intelligence an Important Instrument in Fighting Cyber Attacks

Predictive Security Intelligence an Important Instrument in Fighting Cyber Attacks

Rise of Intelligence, Demise of Analytics’; Paladion at GISEC Expo and Conference

“Business sensitivity is paramount in building an effective security framework. Our showcase at GISEC this year will focus on this aspect and reveal how security data science can provide deeper insights and enable smarter decisions for enterprises” said Firosh Ummer, Managing Director of EMEA, who believes that traditional techniques of analysis are grossly insufficient in the face of more sophisticated attacks and security related incidents.

His presentation ‘Rise of Intelligence, Demise of Analytics’ is part of The Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) taking place from April 26th to 28th at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

“Organizations fail to detect security incidents due to the sheer volume of security events, false-positives, short response times and difficulty in prioritizing alerts from various security technologies. In this session (April 28th at 13.10pm) we will discuss new techniques emerging in the area of security intelligence to help you develop a holistic security framework,” stated Ummer.

Recent reports and analysis1 discovered that nearly one million malware threats are launched every day as hackers get cleverer, faster and more creative. In 2014, cybercrime reached new levels with the highly embarrassing hacking of Sony, the safety flaw known as the Heartbleed bug2 and the persistent and long-term hacking of U.S retailer Home Depot3, which enabled access of customer’s credit and debit card details. These attacks demonstrate the importance of enhanced security and intelligent analysis to ensure stakeholder and customer confidence when dealing with valuable personal data. “We need to create newer and more intelligent techniques that can reduce noise from security events and generate insights to identify real attacks,” Ummer concludes.

In its third year, GISEC focuses on tackling security concerns for the IT, oil and gas, banking and finance, government, healthcare, legal, and telecom industries. It has a vital role in reducing cybercrime by providing a platform for regional, national, and international cooperation and addressing urgent cyber security challenges. The two day event is part of GITEX Technology Week and involves key decision makers to discuss development in cyber attacks and countermeasures.