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Power Of TV And The Performance Reaffirming

Power Of TV And The Performance Reaffirming

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In the face on an unparalleled crisis

When brand custodians and marketeers had been setting-out to graph 2020, no one could have foreseen a scenario even remotely shut to the one we are witnessing with the modern COVID-19 crisis. How does one allocate budgets to a media combine when cinemas are closed, department stores are shut-down, curfews have been imposed and existence as we had acknowledged it, substantially altered?

“Stay-at-home” handing over vast surges to TV’s performance

Amidst all the turmoil which this pandemic has caused, “STAY-AT-HOME” initiatives round the globe have converted  our houses into our “new” offices, schools, restaurants and gyms, amongst a host of the many different purposeful venues which our lives have revolved around. TV has persevered to play a role, proving its worth once again as our last companion, as nicely as our most dependable supply of information.

During such difficult durations and with the great surge being witnessed in TV’s universal overall performance , we all have to assume otherwise about how to gain from this change, specifically with the new DAY TIME CONSUMPTION BEHAVIOUR on TV, as nicely as the curfew on different offerings throughout distinctive time zones spreading out throughout the MENA region (Mainly in KSA and the UAE).

Converting Challenges into Opportunities

Marketers are now dealing with new challenges; on one hand they do no longer desire to end their communication in such situation, and on the different hand how can they talk successfully and efficiently? KFC used to be one of the first brands to rapidly adapt to the new situation, by launching a contact-less free delivery service, which promised to make certain the hygiene and security of their products, as nicely as their delivery service.

Benefitting from the Brand4mance advantage

Partnering with Brand4mance - the progressive TV Attribution answer which measures the have an impact on of TV ads on brand’s e-commerce - KFC launched a TV campaign speaking its contact-less free shipping provider throughout the MENA region. The campaign was once time bound, respecting curfews throughout the place and consequently all spots had been aired on what are historically referred to as “off-peak” time slots. Reiterating the electricity of TV, Brand4mance enabled KFC to reveal its campaign “live” spot by using spot, thereby lets in shifts and optimization in real-time towards the fantastic performing channels, segments, days of week and time of day.

Just like digital, Brand4formacne can assist brands optimize in real-time, via leveraging on its partnership with Adalyser. This secures the solution’s capability to optimize performance based totally on business impact.

A huge thank you to our companions in success at KFC and Hearts & Science, who all held-on to the conviction to REACH out to their target market and to OPTIMIZE performance by means of selecting TV as the vehicle and Brand4mance as the solution:

Ozge Zoralioglu, Chief Marketing Officer - KFC: “During difficult instances such as these, we have to adapt an agile approach and method to maintain connecting with KFC shoppers via retaining an fine stage of communication. Since media channels do no longer work in silos, this activation allowed us to similarly recognize the holistic impact of TV and quantify its ROI. Credit goes to all the teams involved for their progressive method and easy execution, which impacted KFC’s company and business outcomes positively.”

Fadi Maktabi, Managing Director – Hearts & Science: “We had been very excited to companion with KFC and Brand4mance once again on this project, as the preliminary outcomes (over a year ago) had already verified to be successful. With the rise in TV and digital media consumption due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we had been speedy to reconsider the function of every media to assist gasoline larger performance and proceed to supply on the aligned business objectives. This is a wonderful instance of collaborative agile planning, the place data-driven insights have been leveraged on a weekly foundation to optimize each the spot positioning and innovative messaging.”

More brands in MENA need to step-up to this transformation and discover how much TV can truely deliver. Is your brand prepared to gain from TV speakme the language of digital?

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