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OraBank Announces Network International Key Partner to Establish Digital Banking Leadership
Network International and OraBank Update Processing contract

Network International, which has pioneered digital commerce in Africa and the Middle East, has strengthened its long-standing agreement with Orobank, headquartered by Togo, one of the leading banks in West and Central Africa.

The company's relationship with Orabank began in 2013, when the bank made a strategic decision to outsource its provider processing business to Network International. The network currently offers a full suite of payment processing and acquisition processing solutions in 12 countries across Africa.

Launching an ambitious project to drive digital banking innovation in West and Central Africa, strengthening their existing relationship, Orabank has signed Network International as an important partner for an additional seven-year period. Network International's managed services digital banking solution enables the bank to provide customers with frictionless, 24/7 banking solutions via the best quality digital omni-channel platform.

Network International is at the forefront of accepting digital payments in Africa, providing end-to-end payment solutions to a growing customer base in more than 40 countries.

According to Simon Haslam, CEO of Network International, “As we continue to support their growth and aspirations in the region, we are excited to expand our relationship with Orapang, one of our anchor clients in Africa. The network shares Orabank’s commitment to empowering digital commerce and financial inclusion across Africa, and we are delighted to see what the future holds for both of us in this dynamic market. With its growing reach for attractive statistics and digital payments, Africa is a key growth accelerator for the network, and we look forward to continuing to support like-minded banks and businesses looking for new ways to serve customers.

CEO of Oragroup Ferdin and Nongkemau said, “This mutually beneficial partnership will continue in the successful years, in the framework of a rapidly growing market. Our customers demand convenient, affordable and secure payment tools and provide services including network international debit and prepaid cards, ATMs, point of sale and e-commerce with our Omni Channel KEAZ platform for a new digital experience.”




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