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This November Nickelodeon is launching Lego® City Adventures on the GCC

This November Nickelodeon is launching Lego® City Adventures on the GCC

Lego® City Adventures, Brand New Animated Series Premieres November 10, 15:25 KSA / 16:25 UAE

Nickelodeon and LEGO Group are bringing the highly anticipated CG-animated comedy series, LEGO® City Adventures, to GCC. Premiere, November 10, 15:25 KSA / 16:25 UAE LEGO® City Adventures is a fantastic fun roller coaster ride. Set in the vast and diverse Lego City metropolis, the 10 episode series follows the exhilarating scenes of Lego City. The series centers on the various characters who serve the community, protecting the citizens from the mysterious villain and their evil fights. Adventures continue from Sunday to Thursday 15:25 KSA / 16:25 UAE at Nickelodeon.

LEGO® City Adventures presents a fun, insightful, dynamic piece of city life that explores the hopes, dreams and misgivings of Lego City's ever-expanding community. The characters work with the challenge of overcoming an unknown criminal mastermind who threatens the future of Lego City. In the premiere episode, the "Cubs and Robbers" movie movie promo stunt goes wrong, unleashing a huge numbers of ‘Cubby the Cop’ balloon over the city. Later, in "Billy the Buck," fire chief McCloud accidentally buys the twirly hat for his nephew.

Citizens of LEGO City are introduced throughout the series: Sargent Duke De Tain (Joe Zieja, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4), Excessive Heroic Guard; Freya McCloud (Misty Lee, DC Superhero Girls), fire chief ready for crisis; Shirley Keeper (Alex Cazares, The Loud House), annoying street cleaner; Harl Hubs (Daniel MK Cohen, stable), excessive handful; Tippy Dorman (James Arnold Taylor, Star Wars: The Clone Wars), an expert home reader with a secret; Solomon Fleck (Roger Craig Smith, Avengers Assemble), dedicated city mayor; Percival “Wheelie” Wheeler (Mick Lauer, Yu-Gi-Oh!), Skateboarding Police Chief and more.

Created and produced by the LEGO Group, LEGO® City Adventures is produced by Fland Animation (Scotland) and Passion Pictures (France), and also by John Colton Barry (Phineas and Ferb), Steven Banks (SpongeBob Square Pants), Jamie Moyer (Modern Family) and Brian Hunt (second city Chicago). Jason Oliveri is in charge of Lego City Adventures for Nickelodeon.