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Nexans introduces Enspace High Density Fibre Panels

Nexans introduces Enspace High Density Fibre Panels

New panels are ideal for server racks and medium sized data centers

Nexans, the global leader in cables and cabling systems, announced the launch of its high-density patch panels to complement its LANmark-of ENSPACE range, which already includes Ultra High Density Panels.

The new ENSPACE HD panels are available in 2 versions: 1U with 96LC connections and 2U with 192LC connections. These complement the range of existing ENSPACE UHD panels, which can hold 144LC connections in 1U. ENSPACE HD panels are designed for server racks or patching zones that do not require ultra high density.

The ENSPACE HD panels have 2 standard trays for per U. The staggered trays, along with the open top and bottom of the front of the panel, allow maximum access to the patch cords to facilitate operations. The back of the label front door slips easily for document moves, adds and changes. Because the panels have no moving parts, the patch cords and trunks cannot be get stuck between the trays.

The ENSPACE modules can be installed from the front and back of the panel without disconnecting the trunks or cords already installed. This allows you to add ports without interrupting the active channels. The modules are available in 3 variants to support different installation and protocol requirements: MTP-LC adapter modules, LC adapter modules and MTP adapter modules.

The ENSPACE trunks are fixed on the back of the panel in the cable gland slot holders. These can be installed in different orientations (side, angle, rear) to allow maximum flexibility during installation.