NDIGITEC Renews Ties with BOBST in the Middle East.

NDIGITEC Renews Ties with BOBST in the Middle East.
18 May 2017 -
  • NDIGITEC Renews Ties with BOBST in the Middle East.
    NDIGITEC Renews Ties with BOBST in the Middle East.  NDIGITEC Renews Ties with BOBST in the Middle East.

NDIGITEC, the leading UAE-based innovative production company, reinforced its ties with BOBST at the Gulf Print & Pack 2017 exhibition. "NDIGITEC's pre-press operation is one of the few in the Gulf region that could produce the high definition flexo layers that unlock the complete potential of the innovative BOBST high speed flexographic presses," says Hagop Tavitian, BOBST-Lyon Export Manager for Africa and the Middle East region.

NDIGITEC generates plates for customers working in the label, corrugated and versatile packaging markets and has more than 50% market share in the UAE and Gulf region. NDIGITEC utilizes digital flexo plate making tools from leading global flexo pre-press software and digital plate making tools vendors from throughout the world. NDIGITEC is the first trade home in the GCC (Gulf Teamwork Council) location to be granted complete HD Flexo Qualification by Esko. This marks the finest standard for digital plate production.

Investment in technology and skill sets has actually made it possible for NDIGITEC to supply the highest resolution digital flexo layers with unpreceded degrees of high quality for the region. It can make flexo plates as much as 50 x 80 inches to suit large style versatile packaging and corrugated printers.

BOBST is one of the world's leading suppliers of devices and solutions to product packaging and label producers in the folding container, corrugated board and versatile products sectors. With their different repeat lengths and tool to super-wide printing widths, BOBST CI flexo presses satisfy the needs of the most demanding package printing applications.

Top quality presses need the very best plates

" BOBST works closely with NDigitec Prepress in the GCC region," claims Hagop Tavitian. "Our flexo-printing presses could make the most effective use of the FullHD Flexo plates that NDIGITEC produces."

Shahe Kavlakian, Executive Manager of NDIGITEC Prepress, says:" A number of our customers that have BOBST flexo corrugated press or F&K CI Flexo equipment users ask for NDigitec Prepress plates for the best top quality outcome. We produce high common Complete HD Digital Flexo plates with centralized quality control throughout all our branches. We combine our abilities and experience to add tremendous value to our customers throughout the region. Our deep understanding in the innovation of prepress ensures remarkable results in the flexo presses."

NDIGITEC prepress remedies vary from offering Digital Flexo plates for corrugated boxes, flexible product packaging consisting of retail and shopping bags, food and hygiene bags and sacks, milk and drink containers, flexible plastics, self-adhesive labels, non reusable mugs and containers. NDIGITEC Prepress solutions also include on the internet reprographics, PDF documents prepared to engrave, personalized prepress working as a consultant services and even more. NDIGITEC has actually incorporated the most up to date products and services to own earnings in the packaging and printing supply chain by decreasing time-to-market and raising productivity.

NDIGITEC [Namma Int' l Digitec FZ LLC], solutions the requirements of the whole graphic arts industry, media, and brand proprietors with over 75 solutions structured to meet the demands competently. With over 500 customers spread across 25 nations and with proficient groups functioning around the clock, we are well furnished to supply on its promises to customers. Overall, NDIGITEC is a conference factor of technology and creativity.

To understand even more concerning NDIGITEC, please go to www.ndigitec.com

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