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Muscat to host 2020 edition of the largest regional conference on infertility
A Review of Common Practice for the Gynaecologist’, the conference will gather over 150 experts from the field of Reproductive Medicine

IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic is set to convene regional and international experts, leaders, and pioneers in Reproductive Medicine in Oman in January for the biggest conference of the
region - IVI Muscat Annual Conference 2020. The gathering titled ‘Infertility Update: A Review of Common Practice for the Gynaecologist’ will be held on January 17 at the Crowne Plaza, Qurum, Muscat.
Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi, Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Medical Director of IVI Fertility Clinics Middle East, will lead renowned speakers, who will share insights on some of the most difficult infertility troubles doctors face today, common practices, advanced treatments, and industry expectations in the year 2020.
Gynaecologists, embryologists, In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) experts, and different fertility specialists are amongst the anticipated attendees.
Dr Francisco Ruiz, Medical Director, IVI Fertility Muscat, said: This years convention will have a look at some key factors of infertility challenges dealing with the world today. We will have interaction in fruitful dialogues and share knowledge, experiences, and fine practices as part of our quest to come up with better therapy strategies and approaches that are not only effective however are also customised to address region-specific causes of infertility. The conference will take place at a time when there is an growing demand for IVF remedies in the Middle East and in Oman too, indicating that more and more married couples are struggling from infertility and in want of dependable solutions.”

The key topics to be mentioned throughout the conference are titled ‘Basic Ovarian Physiology and Aging. Does infertility of unknown origin exist?, Endometriosis and Infertility: Where exactly is the link? ‘Impact of endometrioma resection on ovarian reserve; Embryo transfer in 2020: Fresh vs Frozen; and Polycystic ovarian syndrome: A new appear at an old foe.

Around one hundred fifty contributors will have an possibility to have interaction with the visitor speakers and network with top researchers for future collaborations.

IVI Muscat Annual Conference 2020 is one of IVI Middle Easts medical conferences held yearly to make sure that advanced learning is given the proper route and attain those fighting infertility.




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