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For Mother’s Day celebrations Deezer gives a fun musical twist

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For Mother’s Day celebrations Deezer gives a fun musical twist

This Mother’s Day, Deezer invites you to ditch the flowers and gift your mom the answers she is always looking for.

In celebration of all Arab moms, we had curated a special playlist that presents a fun escape to those questions and comments about your life.

When are you going to get married "Mata Nefra7 Fik"? Do you think you live in a hotel "Te7seb NafsakJales Bi Fondoq"? I wish you would take your studies as seriously as your songs "Yalet law Ti7faz DourousakZay Ma Ti7faz l Aghani".

If any of these questions and comments sound familiar, our playlist which is titled “El 2o3’neya Ya Mama”, is just what you want. Each song in the playlist is your chance to enjoy a musical banter with your mom. Join us on @DeezerMENA to find out how!

“We all have a special bond with our moms. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to celebrate this inexplicable relationship in a playful way. We accrued there are a few things that all Arab mothers love to say to their children. So, we decided to use music as a way to have fun with these conversations. We hope that this playlist will allow families to share a laugh together,” said Tarek Mounir, CEO, Deezer, MENAT.

Check out the playlist on the Deezer app and just in case we don’t have a song to describe your mom, connect with us using (هذي_الأغنية_مو_أنا#) for a song recommendation from our music editors.