Moscow Unveils Enchanting 'Journey to Christmas' Festival Dubbed A Winter Wonderland for Gulf Visitors

Moscow undergoes a magical transformation into a winter wonderland, extending a warm invitation to visitors from the Gulf region to partake in an enchanting celebration of traditions, performances, and historical delights. The 12th edition of the 'Journey to Christmas' festival guarantees an immersive experience, seamlessly blending Moscow's historical charm with its vibrant present, promising a unique cultural encounter for residents and guests alike.

This year marks the 12th installment of the "Journey to Christmas" festival, creating a New Year miracle ambiance across Moscow's streets, blanketing the entire capital with magical festivities. Across 36 festival sites, numerous events dedicated to the primary winter holiday will unfold, offering insights into the history, life, and New Year traditions of Moscow. Festival attendees, both guests and residents of the capital, will embark on a fascinating journey through the city's past and present, traversing from boyar times to the contemporary era.

Visitors from Middle East countries will have a distinctive opportunity to familiarize themselves with traditional winter folk pastimes. Festival-goers can enjoy activities like ice skating, unique ice discos, curling games, and thrilling rides down snow slides. Over 1500 captivating New Year's performances and ice shows by professional actors and skaters are scheduled across the venues. Participants of the festival can partake in hands-on masterclasses, learning to wrap presents, decorate homes and Christmas trees, and set the New Year's table.

The festival will host New Year's celebrations featuring Ded Moroz, Snegurochka, and other fairy tale characters for young visitors, allowing them to make their most cherished wishes. Both adults and children can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere through activities such as snowmen molding, New Year's masquerade, carousel rides, and experiencing magic at the "School of Magicians" master class.

Travelers can seize the unique opportunity to engage in the "Moscow Tea Party" and delve into its rich history. Guests will gain insights into tea etiquette and hospitality rules, experiencing the atmosphere of historical Moscow from various eras. Teatralnaya Square will host an immersive theatrical program, transporting guests back in time and allowing them to savor traditional hot pastries, Moscow tea blends, and purchase porcelain dishes, jam, and other traditional souvenirs.

The 'Journey to Christmas' festival promises residents and guests of the capital an unforgettable holiday atmosphere, magical experiences at each event venue, and lasting impressions. The festival stands as one of the many events within the Moscow Seasons project, offering tourists from diverse countries a chance to explore the rich culture and history of Russia.

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