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Ministry of State for FNC Affairs Launches Initiatives to Spread Awareness, Promote ‘Culture of Political Participation’ in the UAE

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Ministry of State for FNC Affairs Launches Initiatives to Spread Awareness, Promote ‘Culture of Political Participation’ in the UAE

The Ministry launched the projects as it takes part in the UAE Month of Innovation 2020.

The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) announced plans to take part in the activities of the UAE Innovation Month 2020 with a series of initiatives that force the Ministry’s strategic desires to enhance the relation between the government and the FNC, and promote a ‘culture of political participation’ in the UAE.

The Ministry made the announcement at a workshop it had organised to launch its Month-of-Innovation initiatives at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, attended by MFNCA Undersecretary His Excellency Tariq Hilal Lootah, and Assistant Under-Secretary for the Support Services Sector H.E. Sami bin Adi, along with officials, heads of numerous departments, and employees from the Ministry.

“UAE Innovation Month offers an ideal platform to channel our energies and assets towards new innovations that benefit the community,” H.E. Lootah said. “It is a national event that resonates with the UAE Government’s strategy to embed innovation into all solutions proposed to address challenges and provide best-in-class services. This, in turn, is set to attain the goals of the National Agenda and build a better future that meets the aspirations of both our leadership and our people, setting up the UAE as one of the best countries in the world by 2021, and propel it to the top spot on a international scale by 2071.”

“Innovation is a collaborative effort, not an individual duty that falls on one official or director,” H.E. continued. “It is a method that fuses knowledge and abilities from various sources to generate modern ideas. We, at the Ministry of State for FNC Affairs prioritise innovation and creativity as we improve our work and pursue our goals to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and coordination between the government and the Federal National Council, all while promoting a culture of political participation among citizens.”

“The Ministry is committed to assisting innovation in all departments,” H.E. Lootah asserted. “With that in mind, we launched a series of initiatives and activities for the UAE Month of Innovation in an effort to embed this culture in the workplace environment and make contributions to constructing an advanced ecosystem where innovation is the foundation for improving the UAE’s competitiveness in various sectors.”

The Ministry’s activities for UAE Innovation Month consist of numerous events organised in cooperation with government businesses and local institutions, in line with its strategy to construct effective and sustainable partnerships that enhance improvement in all sectors. These collaborations encompass taking part in Exhibition (50X) with the United Arab Emirates University, the Election Lab, and Dubai’s Youth Hub.

Additionally, the MFNCA will be organising numerous workshops in the course of the Month of Innovation to assist spark creativity among its employees. These encompass one session entitled ‘Organisational Innovation Management’, focusing on best practices that assist create a sustainable progressive environment.

The Ministry will additionally be launching several training and awareness programmes, enforcing advanced academic techniques and present day technologies. These consist of a digital training programme on the culture of political participation, the map for e-voting centres, and the e-voting stage, in addition to the digital ideas management system.

The Election Lab event will also be organised in collaboration with the Dubai Youth Hub to allow young people to take part in the development of the electoral process in all its stages. It additionally contributes to spreading a tradition of political participation, offering the youth a platform to present their opinions, proposals, and ideas for modern mechanisms and advanced equipment to develop the electoral process.

Furthermore, the Ministry’s participation in the Month of Innovation consists of showcasing the initiative entitled ‘You in the Federal National Council’ – a process that simulates a visit to the Federal National Council while it is in session. Visitors can watch footage of FNC discussions and debates by virtual reality devices, with representatives from the government present.

Meanwhile, the virtual application initiative targets to instruct all segments of the community about parliamentary life in the UAE, introducing them to the FNC’s processes and the efforts undertaken by of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs to enhance coordination between the legislative and executive branches of government, in order to benefit the country and its citizens.