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Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs Visits Qasr Al Watan to Celebrate UAE National Day

Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs Visits Qasr Al Watan to Celebrate UAE National Day

• The Ministry sought to introduce its employees to the country’s cultural and humanitarian achievements

A delegation from the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) visited Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi as a component of the Ministry's festivals to mark the UAE's 48th National Day.

Qasr Al Watan is a national milestone and an architectural masterpiece that encapsulates the historical backdrop of the United Arab Emirates and reveals insight into the advancement of its social and human development in different fields and divisions.

His Excellency Sami bin Adi, the MFNCA's Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, headed the appointment, which incorporated a various heads of divisions alongside a group of the Ministry's staff. The guests were taken on a voyage through the structure's corridors to explore its plan, which emulates Arab and Islamic design, and highlights geometric forms motivated from the UAE's indigenous habitat.

"Qasr Al Watan is an unmistakable national milestone and a remarkable work of architecture and design," said H.E. bin Adi. "It houses a several facilities that encapsulate the UAE's rich history, represent its cultural and human legacy, and shed light on its numerous achievements. The structure recounts to the narrative of the UAE's voyage towards an advanced, present day state, whose establishments were laid by our Founding Fathers. It features our wise leadership’s way to deal with the momentum and shape a prosperous future for present and forthcoming ages of Emiratis."

"Our visit today is a piece of our National Day festivities, where we reiterate our commitment to teaching our workers about each noteworthy chronicled achievement in the UAE's adventure, and about the methodology established by our Founding Father, which spins around the comprehensive idea of 'Shura' to pursue after the nation and the individuals' wellbeing," H.E. finished up.

The visiting delegation were likewise acquainted with the idea behind Qasr Al Watan and its main hall, intended to have formal occasions and receptions, just as the 'Spirit of Cooperation' hall, made to have gatherings of the UAE's Federal Supreme Council.

The visit incorporated a stop at the Qasr Al Watan Library, which is a prime scholastic and knowledge destination lodging more than 50,000 publication on the UAE's history and heritage. The Ministry staff finally visited the House of Knowledge, which contains displays and rare works of art that shed light on Arab civilization’s golden age, as well as its commitments in science, craftsmanship, and writing.