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  • Ministry of Health & Prevention inspects medical centers in Sharjah and Fujairah
Ministry of Health & Prevention inspects medical centers in Sharjah and Fujairah

H.E. Dr. Mohammad Salim Al Olama, the Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention along with Dr. Easa Al Mansoori, the Director of the Undersecretary Office, just recently visited the Al Dhaid Medical Center in Sharjah and the Wadi Al Seder Health Center and Al Hala Medical Center in Fujairah to assess the quality of health services at these centers and review the areas for improvement. The check outs are pursuant to the Ministry's tactical goals, including supplying high quality and easily available healthcare service to the local community and improving adherence to labor policies. The Ministry's goals are in line with the UAE Government's National Healthcare Quality Index.

H.E. Dr. Al Olama and Dr. Al Mansoori were gotten at the Al Dhaid Medical Center Sharjah by the center Director, Ms Huda. She informed H.E. about the center's day-to-day operations and services. H.E. Dr. Al Olama highlighted the importance of making sure the health care requirements of the patients at the center through effective and smooth workflow and availability of centers including latest lab devices, ECG machines, and dental chairs supported with adequate workforce within the existing human resource regulations. H.E. likewise urged stringent implementation of general maintenance policies.

The clients at the center praised the Ministry of Health and Prevention for the visit and kept in mind that it shows the UAE Government's effort to guarantee the wellness of UAE people through delivery of outstanding and easily accessible healthcare services to all. The center's employees thanked the Ministry officials and stated that these sees were motivating and had a favorable effect on their performance.

In Fujairah, at the Wadi Al Seder Health Center, H.E. Dr. Al Olama and his delegation were welcomed by Sheikha Al Abdouly, the Deputy Director of the. The officials visited the center and evaluated the health services provided at the center and evaluated the requirements to improve the healthcare delivery at the. H.E. Dr. Al Olama advised increasing the supply of medications to the center, specifically for chronic conditions. H.E. recommended initiating nutrition therapy at the center, integration of 2 space in the emergency situation section, elimination of the glass barriers between administrative staff and clients, building of an added lab, and modernization of cardiology devices at the center.

At Al Hala Medical Center, H.E. Dr. Al Olama was invited by Ms Aisha, the Director of the. After a short trip and instruction on the center's present conditions, H.E. Dr. Al Olama mentioned the requirement for routine maintenance of the facilities. H.E. recommended opening a drug shop, updating the present pharmacy freezer, expanding the lab services, upgrading the lab devices and cardiopulmonary resuscitation gadgets at the center. H.E. likewise suggested hiring qualified pharmacists, nursing and technical personnel for the center, supplying more computer systems for the center, and upgrading the internet connection. H.E. likewise prompted the center to improve the patient waiting area with new furnishings.

At the conclusion of the medical facility visits, H.E. Dr. Al Olama prompted all MOHAP medical centers to concentrate on providing outstanding health care services to all their patients. H.E. stated that the inspections by the MOHAP Executives remain in line with the Ministry's Strategic Objectives, to guarantee easy accessibility to world-class healthcare services to all citizens and residents throughout the UAE along with to motivate the health care specialists and support staff of the Ministry to accommodate the patient's needs to the best of their capabilities.




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