• The Ministry of Health and Prevention supports the Reproductive Medical Assistance Program
The Ministry of Health and Prevention supports the Reproductive Medical Assistance Program

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has revealed a draft law authorized by the UAE Cabinet on medical assistance for reproduction that enables embryo, egg and sperm freezing which aims to give hope to those that experience problem replicating by increasing their chances of obtaining expectant, promoting children's health, as well as to boost the UAE Vision to accomplish management in the field of fertilizing and assisted reproduction.

H.E. Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing has highlighted the value of the draft law approved by the UAE Cabinet and pending for approval by His Highness (H.H.) Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. Once the approval of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa is obtained, the executive regulations will be released through a Cabinet decision. The project has been consulted with all health authorities; experts and consultants from MOHAP, the Health Council, Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Sharjah Health Authority, Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), The Supreme Legislation Committee in Dubai and the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments.

Dr. Amin has pointed out that the MOHAP technique originated from the UAE vision and the National Agenda 2021 according to its UAE vision 2071 which aims at developing the healthcare system in the nation and updating it to the very best global levels to keep pace with the significant adjustments occurring in the country and its renowned position worldwide. In this context, the proposed legislation intends to reinforce the lawful structure that will certainly arrange the practice of providing clinical help for reproduction, while maintaining the identity of the culture and its social, moral and spiritual parts.

He explained that medical assistance for reproduction consists of the recognition of medical tools and methods that will certainly help in maternity and giving birth without natural get in touch with, which include professional and biological interventions to facilitate conception.

The benefits of the draft law and its beneficiaries

In the short-term, the recommended legislation will contribute to the development of the legal framework for healthcare techniques in the country where the licensing, tracking and evaluation will certainly be dispersed in between the Ministry and the other health authorities according to their medical specializeds. Moreover, the proposed legislation will result in the development of medical help services for recreation in the country. The regulation includes all techniques and approaches made use of in this area, thinking about the needs of the community and its designated contribution to the growth of such clinical solutions used by different fertility centers in the country. For its long-lasting influence, the proposed legislation will aid enhance UAE's health care system, which will have a favorable effect on public health and therefore more improve development indicators.

He likewise noted the UAE has advanced fertility facilities and facilities at par with worldwide centers. The very first beneficiaries of the project will be patients experiencing sterility for any type of reason. As a result, couples will likewise gain from freezing eggs, sperms or embryos. Actually, pregnancy price when it comes to embryo cold is greater by 40% compared to egg cold. This clinical innovation is important in the treatment of infertility and in assisting pairs recreate, specifically in terms of their ease and ease of access, leaving clients without reason to travel outside the UAE for therapy. Embryo cold boosts the IVF success to 70%, and aids prevent cases of hereditary diseases such as thalassemia and sickle cell anemia.

Implementation plan and legislative side

The draft law includes 36 write-ups. The application plan covers the interaction with the worried authorities to inform them concerning the new legislation, making the executive regulations and preparing them right away after magazine of the legislation in the official gazette. The plan additionally consists of organizing an induction workshop with the media and all the celebrations worried and targeted by this legislation within 30 functioning days of the magazine of the legislation in the Official Gazette.

The new draft regulation will abolish Federal Regulation No. (11) of 2008 on the licensing of fertility facilities in the UAE. A modification has been made on the title of the legislation to end up being (medical support for recreation) rather than the previous law (permit of fertilization centers in the UAE). The draft law states the facility of a nationwide advising committee to give suggestions and proposals related to the field of medical assistance facilities for recreation, as this field is witnessing rapid developments that need to be dealt with jointly and in appointment in between the various health authorities in the nation, thinking about cultural, ethical and religious parts prevailing in the society.

Special controls have been established for the removal of samples of fertilized eggs or gametes or their entry into the country, according to policies and problems. In addition to a crucial amendment at the level of arrangements connected to carrying out study and experiments on fertilized eggs or gametes, according to the controls and conditions suggested by the Executive Laws. This amendment is very important since it enables nationwide expertises to play a positive role in the field of scientific study on medical assistance on recreation, and this follows the UAE's propensity to encourage innovation in various areas of science, while keeping the previous ban on the business use of fertilized eggs and gametes or introducing non-therapeutic genetic engineerings to it, inning accordance with the ethical principles adopted.

Merits of the draft law adopted and its application

Al Amiri noted a collection of problems and controls stated by the project, including; That clinically assisted reproductive technology is one of the most suitable technique of recreation after it has been confirmed that the maternity can not be made by all-natural contact for a duration of at least one year; The certified health facility must provide a detailed description to the couple concerning the assisted reproductive technology chosen, the stages of the operation and the adverse implications or potential difficulties, along with the price of the procedure and real maternity price of similar cases at the exact same center; and Presenting a certification from a professional physician that there is no risk to the life of the mother or fetus or significant damages to their health within the extent of medical knowledge.

Dr. Amin also stated that fertility facilities need to take the maximum feasible medical steps to stop the mixing between oocytes. When the staying fertilized eggs are not needed, these eggs are left without clinical attention till they expire. Additionally, these facilities are allowed to perform study or experiments on non-fertilized eggs and on sperm cells, based on the problems and controls defined by the executive policies of this regulation, along with allowing the pre- implantation Hereditary Diagnosis to identify any hereditary disease, offering that essential activities are required to safeguard the fertilized egg from any kind of damages.

Al Aimiri stressed that the draft law bans by any means the facility of or taking care of embryonic banks in the Country, assuring the should maintain the necessary records for the enrollment of all clinical procedures associated with aided reproductive innovations and the value of establishing a board at the Center to monitor all such activities.




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