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Mimecast Acquires MessageControl to work against human identity attacks.”

Mimecast Acquires MessageControl to work against human identity attacks.”

Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, recently declared it has acquired eTorch Inc. (d/b/a MessageControl), a messaging security provider with services designed to help stop social engineering and human identity attacks with the use of machine learning technology.  

The acquisition of MessageControl strengthens Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 strategy that is engineered to enhance cybersecurity at the email perimeter, inside the organization and beyond the boundary. 

The powerful combination of Mimecast and MessageControl is engineered to provide customers using productivity apps, such as Microsoft 365®, even stronger protection against advanced phishing and impersonation attacks. 

Additionally, it is intended to prevent the accidental trial of delicate and confidential data, while also serving as an additional sensor to further enrich Mimecast’s threat intelligence.

The extension of MessageControl brings the following essential capabilities:

 Machine learning identification of abnormal behaviours. MessageControl’s graph technology is directed to inspect email attributes and content and then apply machine learning to build a library of known and hidden patterns for an individual user. The technology is designed to get brighter over time and can make real-time decisions on 1 billion-plus unique user behaviour data points.

 Contextual, real-time alerts in email. MessageControl enables employees to help make better decisions by presenting them with extra intelligent, contextual, and dynamic warnings of potentially untrusted senders or content into emails

 The capacity to prevent misaddressed email data leaks. Leveraging the graph technology, MessageControl is built to notify employees before they unintentionally send data to the wrong recipients by using authentic sending patterns to predict future anomalies.

“The first half of 2020 has been unlike anything we’ve undergone before. It’s becoming more clear that better innovation is necessary to defend against the latest weaponized and unweaponized attacks,” said Peter Bauer, chief executive officer at Mimecast. 

“MessageControl is a natural addition to Mimecast’s suite of cyber resilience solutions – from email and web security through brand protection, security awareness training, and data protection. 

Its artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities will offer additional layers of defence by evolving and ‘reading’ the customer environment and user behaviours over time.  

We think this acquisition allows Mimecast to resume to evolve our Email Security 3.0 strategy and achieve the best protection for productivity cloud applications like Microsoft 365.”

A recent study from Mimecast found that impersonation fraud, phishing, and internal threats or data leaks are all on the rise – with IT and security leaders acknowledging that they’ve seen the volume of each development (60%, 58% and 43% respectively) over the last year. 

MessageControl’s innovative machine learning is engineered to unveil the concealed risks of email communications by entering real-time alerts into unusual emails to help block advanced phishing and impersonation attacks.

“Mimecast’s portfolio of solutions offers MessageControl the chance to increase its reach to guard more organizations against the difficult threats plaguing the market today,” said Paul Everton, founder and chief technology officer, MessageControl. “We’re thrilled to connect with the Mimecast team as we resume on our purpose to stop social engineering and human identity attacks.”