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Max & Aegle hosts the GCC Fitness Championship

Max & Aegle hosts the GCC Fitness Championship

Max & Aegle, Dubai’s leading wellness destination hosts GCC wide fitness championship where over 60 male fitness enthusiasts from across the Gulf region were gathered and took part in electrifying two-day team functional fitness challenge, MEMAC (Middle East Max & Aegle Championship). 

Team fitness challenge event was the brainchild of Dubai Police Lieutenant and fitness influencer, Bader Al Noori who launched a similar initiative last year largely focused on his work colleagues. There were 20 teams participating in this year’s event competing to win a cash prize with every contender eligible for an array of Max & Aegle gifts. 

The challenge involved five individual work out sessions focused on endurance, lifting, swimming, organization and teamwork. It was held outdoors over two evenings at 500,000 sq.ft. facility in Meydan.

Bader Al Noori commented: “This has been a really inspirational event which has motivated people to train during the Ramadan period and maintain their optimum health while competing in a fun and sociable way. My vision is to make this an annual event, attracting more participants from across the Gulf region - hence my decision to host it at Max & Aegle, a new, unique and exciting venue with massive capacity, and which will become its official home.”

Trevor Flowers, Head of Fitness & Programs at Max & Aegle commented: “As a relative newcomer to the UAE fitness market, we were delighted to host this original and dynamic fitness challenge and we have worked closely with Bader to perfect a recipe which we know resonates with fitness enthusiasts far and wide. We look forward to hosting MEMAC again in the future and being closely associated with its positivity and team-focused aspiration.”

Big Chest team was awarded the winning team in the championship while Dubai Police and MOJ were ranked in second and third position.

The female version of the championship also took place at Max & Aegle on the 24th and 25th of May which involved the same format and women from all walks of life were welcome to participate in the fitness challenge.   

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