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Dubai Maritime City Authority launches Maritime Safety Campaign

Dubai Maritime City Authority launches Maritime Safety Campaign

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has announced the completion of the Maritime Safety campaign in preparation for Eid Al-Fitr. This initiative aims at safe navigation enhancing Maritime safety in addition to operational efficiency along the local coastlines in order to form a renewable, sustainable, safe and secure maritime sector in Dubai.

This campaign also brings in focus towards DMCA’s commitment ensuring maximum levels of safety for beach visitors and visitors to maritime leisure destinations and related activities especially during Eid holidays when the demand is boosting for visiting such destinations. This initiative not only lines up with Authority’s efforts ensure that the management of maritime operations is according to the highest standards of safety adopting local and international regulations but also establishes the best environmental practices in order to strengthen the national economy’s position in the global maritime sector.

The Maritime Safety campaign is essential as it wraps up all aspects relating to maritime safety, emergency response, noise which is required to make sure the readiness of vessels to sail within Dubai waters. The campaign also helps in monitoring whether the vessels are maintained at the specified speeds and load and ensures the availability of all communication equipment and safety tools onboard. 

It also highlights the preservation of the environment by adopting practices that ensure that the garbage or oil is not thrown into the water, encouraging to reduce vessel noise and monitoring the weather before sailing. The emergency numbers are kept handy and ensure that they don’t enter the areas allocated for swimming and other restricted areas. 

Abdullah Bin Touk, Director of Marine Inspection, DMCA, said: “This Eid Al Fitr campaign is a major boost to the tireless efforts led by DMCA to promote secure coastal navigation, save lives, protect properties and support environmental security, which is one of the strategic priorities and main objectives of Dubai Plan 2021. The significance of the latest campaign can be attributed to its pivotal role in establishing the pillars of maritime safety, as the consolidation of the competitiveness, attractiveness and comprehensiveness of the Dubai’s maritime cluster, which is one of the best in the world, remains a priority.”  Touk added: “The launch of the maritime safety campaign comes at a very opportune time as we are celebrating Eid Al Fitr. We witness a remarkable increase in the number of beachgoers and marine crafts of all types, especially leisure boats, yachts and jet skis. Thus, we are committed to adopting all measures needed to ensure safe sailing and maritime safety, to establish Dubai’s leading reputation as one of the world’s best maritime hubs. We look forward to continuing launching our awareness campaigns on a regular basis to raise awareness, fulfilling our educational and supervisory responsibilities, to ensure the highest levels of maritime safety. We believe that it is the cornerstone to building an integrated, renewable and sustainable maritime sector that can drive the economic growth and diversification in Dubai and the UAE.”

DMCA continues its efforts to launch maritime awareness campaigns spreading the culture of maritime safety and promote the industry’s best practices in order to strengthen Dubai’s leading position in the global maritime landscape. The Authority reinforces the cooperation with various stakeholders in the local maritime sector and adopting the best practices that support the UAE's vision to create an atmosphere favorable for businesses as well as for leisure.  

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