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“Kokorology – Finding Wellness” therapeutic program to kick off October 1 st.

“Kokorology – Finding Wellness” therapeutic program to kick off October 1 st.

“Kokorology”, a subject of wellness, is launching a 12-week healing yoga program created by Sabin, a certified yoga instructor. This is set to kick off on the 1 st, October 2020. The presentation will be held virtually each through group classes or one-to-one class through Zoom. The sessions will be customized following a discussion to evaluate the participants’ requirements.

’Kokoro' arises from the Japanese language indicating an alignment of heart, body, mind and soul, Hence Kokorology is a modest attempt at understanding wellness of the entire individual. Modern-day yoga has developed into an aggressive sport or has shifted a docility challenge; instead, it should be one’s journey to wellness. The ‘Asanas’ – conditions – can be used to build muscle, to clear physical stress pockets and to give balance in the body. 

Combining asanas with the breath allows higher awareness, which begins combining the power of the mind with your body. Besides, once moments of pause are appended to the movement, we get a stable flow that promotes natural healing to begin. Our bodies are smart. We need to just understand how to work with its natural powers.

During the sessions, Sabin will focus on:
- the alignment of the spine and neck
- the general wellbeing of joints specifically the wrists, knee, hips, shoulders and feet
- mobility
- mental health
- proper breathing techniques.

The courses will help attendee’s relieve pain, promote their mental health, bring mobility, versatility and security to their bodies. Moreover, Sabin will review the sattva diet as food plays a significant role in the stabilization of the body’s equilibrium; she will focus on decreasing inflammation through food.

“The 12 weeks program is a comprehensive program that will focus on the alignment of your heart, body, mind and soul, and that is what Kokoro Yoga by Kokorology is all about. It normally takes 21 days for our bodies to build a habit, and for a habit to fit a lifestyle we need to practice it for at least of 12-weeks. Not only it will affect your life positively, but also 10 other people around you will be influenced positively through your lifestyle change. I am aiming to develop a healthier community by enhancing one’s mental and neurological state.” Sabin concluded.