• Kaya Skin Clinic unveils Silhouette Soft: The latest anti-ageing technique by expert dermatologists
Kaya Skin Clinic unveils Silhouette Soft: The latest anti-ageing technique by expert dermatologists

Kaya Skin Clinic, the largest skincare center chain in the area, has actually launched Silhouette Soft Face Lift-- a non-invasive treatment that gives immediate outcomes of a face lift without the trouble of surgery. Provided by Kaya's expert dermatologists, the Kaya Silhouette Soft Face Lift is the best answer to drooping jawlines, heavy eyebrows and regrowth of cheeks, causing a fresh, natural appearance, and revives the glory of younger radiance.

With age, skin loses its shine and lustre. Severe sunrays, environmental damage and stress all make skin the first victim to ageing. The skin begins to thin out and loses its capability to repair itself with age. Exposure of skin to UV rays causes age-spots, which in turn results in wrinkles, loose skin with lines and damage over the years.

Shape Soft is the most recent non-invasive strategy in anti-ageing available at Kaya Skin Clinic, which not only helps in raising the facial skin, but likewise firming it up and invigorating it. The skin doctors deal with shapes of the face, the mandible lines, cheeks, malar location, neck and eyebrows to restore the glowing, vibrant appearance with this new Silhouette Soft method.

The crucial advantages of this service consist of an immediate natural lift impact; progressive restoration of collagen, a short treatment lasting practically 30 minutes to one hour; long-lasting aesthetic benefits lasting approximately 18 months; and non-invasive with totally re-absorbable part.

Made in USA, Silhouette Soft was established on the back of six years of research study and experience in making use of Silhouette Lift in reconstructive & aesthetic surgical treatment. Shape Soft is a natural compound that neutralizes the loss of volume resulting in ageing skin. The procedure is suitable for all skin types-- allergic reaction tests have actually been damaging throughout research studies.

"Shape soft by Kaya Skin Clinic provides restoration but, at the same time, preserves the movement and vivacity of the facial expressions. As aging skin loses its structural proteins such as collagen and elastin, it becomes loose and starts to sag which leads to an aged appearance. Shape Soft enhances facial features such as the cheeks and the chin and also recovers volume for a more youthful look," stated Marian Coutinho at Kaya Skin Center.

Revolutionary research study has actually shown that this range will help activate the power to preserve the micro environment of skin cells and promote their regenerative capacity to take on aging from its very roots. This new variety matches Kaya's holistic method to skincare, where the products are suggested together with the service to deliver better outcomes.




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