• Top Celebrity Beauty Expert And World Renowned Fashion And Health Insiders Reveal Their Secrets At Dubai International Jewellery Week
  • Top Celebrity Beauty Expert And World Renowned Fashion And Health Insiders Reveal Their Secrets At Dubai International Jewellery Week
Top Celebrity Beauty Expert And World Renowned Fashion And Health Insiders Reveal Their Secrets At Dubai International Jewellery Week
Make-up artist and TV personality, Joelle Mardinian, world renowned Holistic Therapist and Wellness Expert, Mariam Yasin, and leading Imaging Consultant Wafa Toutounji, are just some of the experts sharing their beauty, health and fashion tips at dedicated workshops during the event

What jewellery should you use to complement your latest party outfit this winter season? Is big, bold, statement jewellery always very well? How can you pick the best gemstone to match your complexion and face shape? And can the gemstones you wear likewise have a favorable recovery result on your overall health?

These are simply a few of the concerns being responded to at a series of interactive workshops that are taking place throughout Dubai International Jewellery Week. Running until 12 December, leading fashion, charm and health experts are uniting to provide shoppers with insider suggestions on some of the hottest patterns straight off the catwalk, in addition to exposing their tricks for making the most out of your features and how jewellery can positively impact your health and wellbeing.

Each workshop is being led by a professional in their field with fortunate consumers being treated to expert guidance on how jewellery can match the clothes you wear, your beauty regime and even have a positive effect on your health and wellness.

Meet and greet with Joelle Mardinian:

Top global cosmetics artist and TELEVISION personality, Joelle Mardinian is performing a 'meet and greet' session throughout Dubai International Jewellery Week (on Thursday evening at 6pm). The Beirut-born beauty specialist, who has a string of beauty parlor throughout the region and who's clients consists of A-list celebs from all over the world, will be on hand to answer questions and offer her charm suggestions throughout the show.

From the tones to use to compliment valuable gems, to how to ensure your hairstyle sets off your diamonds and pearls, visitors will find a host of charm secrets and styling tips.

Jewellery tips from prominent imaging consultant, Wafa Toutounji:

Distinguished imaging specialist, Wafa Toutounji, who is the energy and brain behind Applique Stylist, is on hand throughout the week to advise shoppers on ways to draw out their finest functions utilizing the right gems and pieces. Among Wafa's leading ideas is to look at your complexion, with paler complexion often discovering that silver jewellery works the best for them. Those with a darker tone will frequently discover that golden jewellery fits them much better, with their natural colouring highlighting the warm tones of the gold hue. Wafa likewise takes on board an individual's lifestyle, analysis of colour & body-shape, personal buying and makeup in encouraging on the ideal image and jewellery to match one's design. She is hand to provide her leading ideas during the event.

Mariam Yasin, world renowned Holistic Therapist and Wellness Expert:

Ever been captivated to learn about the energetic homes of stones and crystals? Why is it so essential to pick the ideal one for you? What are the positive recovery impacts of using jewellery?

Mariam Yasin is a world popular Holistic Therapist and Wellness Expert whose indisputable admiration for unique gems and gorgeous gems began at an extremely young age. Since then she has studied in depth the energetic and healing properties of stones and their positive results on their user, that later on developed into a cutting edge line of holistic customizeded jewellery productions, 3seven21. Among Mariam's top suggestions is to concentrate on how your gemstones can improve your health. Amethyst, for instance, is a calming stone with infra-red energy that helps you to sleep. To combat anxiety there is a stone called kyanite, which assists dissipate negative energy. In addition, citrine benefits imagination and accelerating the discovering process. Mariam will be on hand to take visitors on an exciting trip into the amazing world of gemstones and why it's so essential to choose the right one for you.

Other workshops taking place include a remarkable understanding into an ancient technique made use of to produce a jewel from wax. The 'Lost Wax Casting' presentation, is taking place daily and is offering buyers with the opportunity to see a genuine jewellery artisan at work. Using a 4000 years of age method of producing a wax prototype by hand, specialists from France are doing live demonstrations of this work of art that turns wax into a jewellery prototype that is then utilized to make stunning and elegant jewellery.

Fabergé enthusiasts will likewise have the chance to see a display of the extremely popular Fabergé eggs that will be shown at the SGL stand every day. Developed by Peter Carl Fabergé, these collectors' items were developed in between the 1880s to the late 1910s and a few of these famous eggs were talented to the Russian Czars, Alexander III and Nicholas II for their family. Even today, replicas are offered all around the world and they will be on display screen throughout the week.




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