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Infertility cases in oman remain high, say IVF specialists from IVI middle east

Infertility cases in oman remain high, say IVF specialists from IVI middle east

6-7 million couples in GCC in 20-40 age group square measure full of infertility

The number of according infertility cases within the middle east is taken into account among the best within the world. In the GCC, it's been calculable that 6-7 million couples within the 20-40 age group square measure full of infertility.

Figures discharged by Colliers International showed that the country’s fertility rate has declined by 160 percent from 1960 to 2016.

Dr. Francisco Ruiz, Medical Director, IVI middle east Fertility Clinic, Muscat, said, “Almost 15-20 per cent of couples regionally have problem conceiving naturally. Consistent with business reports, the quantity of cases among the native population is even higher since additional and additional people square measure currently opting to delay having a baby for several reasons. for several couples, relationship, vitamin d deficiency, genetic, social, and environmental factors play the trigger factors of infertility. inactive way conjointly contributes to the rising range of infertility cases.”

The Colliers International Report additional noted that fertility rate, or birth per woman, within the sultanate of oman was all the way down to 2.7 in 2016 from 7.2 in 1960. the percentage was similar within the Emirates, wherever the fertility rate declined to 1.7 in 2016 from 4.5 in 1960. Across the MENA region, the infertility level stood at 15 per cent or higher as compared to the worldwide rate of 10 percent, a similar study declared.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has outlined infertility as a “disease of the system and ends up in incapacity.” On the market information shows that over
50 million couples across the globe square measure full of totally different kinds of infertility issues, though who admits that “global infertility prevalence rates square measure troublesome to work out.”

A report titled ‘The Arab World’s ‘Quiet’ procreative Revolution’ has shown that fertility rate across all 17 Arab countries had exceeded the globe average, with seven states even recording higher than 7 children per woman, throughout the 1975-1980 amount. It had been at that point once the overall fertility rates were initial recorded within the region. Today, as what the report has declared, solely 3 Arab countries have a fertility rate on top of 3.

The rise in fertility problems has led to an increasing demand for assisted procreative Technology (ART) treatments, together with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). MENA’s IVF business is calculable to be value USD one billion, consistent with Colliers International.
IVI middle east offers customized care and customised treatments exploitation the most recent technologies and world protocols. to boot, these treatments square measure administered by fertility specialists certified by the european Society of Human reproduction and embryology (ESHRE).

“Although the incidences of infertility still surge within the UAE and also the remainder of the globe, the sector of procreative medication is additionally quickly advancing. This provides couples with the hope that they'll still notice their dream of getting a child, despite the challenges. At IVI Fertility, our patients are given the most recent and evidence-based fertility treatments,” Dr. Ruiz finished.
IVI middle east Fertility Clinic runs progressive clinics in abu dhabi and dubai within the UAE and Muscat in oman and delivers the best success rate of over 70th within the region.