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High Hopes Pediatric Therapy Center As A Non-Profit Foundation Licensed By Dubai Community Development Authority (CDA)
Specialized pediatric facility took a lead to transition itself from a private sector to a non-profit organization licensed by Community Development Authority (CDA) for the benefit of the Community

High Hopes Pediatric Therapy Center, Dubai’s completely integrated facility for children with average to acute special needs, has been awarded a Civil Society Organization License by the Dubai Community Development Authority (CDA), formalizing the specialized therapy center’s status as a non-profit foundation and authorizing its services to the UAE community. The license has been issued to the entity permitting it to transition to a non-profit Foundation for the advantage of the wider community which is a one-way move undertaken by the center. High Hopes plans to deliver its highly specialized services to a wider number of kids of willpower within the UAE community, providing more support to underprivileged vulnerable kids in the future.

The CDA non-profit license for High Hopes follows an extensive method of reporting and due diligence aimed at making sure the center’s long-term sustainability and operations.

“A non-profit civil license is a tool given to empower people that wish to cater social services to the community members. We trust that our success lies in playing the position of the catalyst for social innovation and the license that we give is an assurance of support provided to all licensed civil society organization in Dubai. The civil society organization framework promotes innovative thinking and innovation and only applicants who exhibit competency in managing the organization and envisions sustainability can also be licensed,” stated Dr. Omar Al Muthanna, CEO Regulatory and Licensing Sector at CDA.

“This license marks a huge milestone for High Hopes as we work to support more families and deliver world-class therapy care for their special ones,” stated Lynn Barghout Jafar, Founder and Managing Mum of High Hopes. “For over two years, High Hopes has been a one-stop resource for parents, schools and specialists, all working to support kids and young adults with moderate to complex special needs to meet their full potential physically, cognitively and socially. This license acknowledges that and will in addition encourage us to provide our special services to kids that did not have access to us before. We target to give this by allowing qualifying families to apply for our new program, which will be rolled out later this year. ”

High Hopes Pediatric Therapy Center opened in 2017 to cater for kids with moderate to complex special needs up to 13 years of age. The center’s interdisciplinary crew of pediatric therapists and visiting professionals offer tailored programs for every kid to reach their optimum potential in both gross and fine motor skills, as well as in communication and cognitive skills.

For more details see http://www.highhopesdubai.com/




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