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HE Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Tolerance opens In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Conference in Abu Dhabi today (30th November)

HE Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Tolerance opens In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Conference in Abu Dhabi today (30th November)

The 4th Annual In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Conference was opened today (November 30th) in Abu Dhabi by HE Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Tolerance. HE Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, President of the Federal National Council in the UAE also attended the opening session of the conference.

Organised by IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Conference titled, ‘Latest Advancements in Enhancing Success Rates in ART, Anno – 2018’ brought together some of the foremost researchers to present their findings on key areas pertaining to reproductive medicine. Fertility experts from around the world converged in Abu Dhabi to discuss the potential for new ground-breaking medical solutions for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in the conference that witnessed the presence of experts from fertility, gynaecology, obstetrics, genetics and embryology. Moreover, the conference shed light on ‘Personalisation of Ovarian Stimulation’, ‘Vitamin D and Infertility’ and ‘Oral Active Second-generation GnRH Antagonists’. In addition, the conference also featured an opening speech by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan and highlighted significant topics related to fertility such as ‘Update on Treatment Modalities for Patients with Mayer’, ‘Personalized Luteal Phase Support’, ‘Uterine Abnormalities’, ‘IVF and Fetal Medicine’ and ‘Merck Symposium: Individualization is the Cornerstone of ART Success’.

Addressing the conference, His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan said: “I am delighted to join you who also live and work in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates in welcoming our speakers and participants from abroad to learn of the latest advances in enhancing success rates in assisted reproductive technology.” “Your gathering here in the year 2018, happens to coincide quite appropriately with this country’s celebration of the birth centennial of our nation’s founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.  In this Year of Zayed, we are reflecting on his achievements and his wisdom. Prominent among his achievements was the education of women and their advancement in the country’s workforce,” he added. “You know better than anyone the challenges of bringing all that wealth into being.  At your 2nd international conference in 2016, I noted that your theme of all your gatherings must be that familiar word—Hope.  The theme of hope reveals the monumental importance of your work.  The theme of hope emphasizes the serious nature of your work for success.  The theme of hope highlights the desperate desires of men and women wishing to be parents, hoping for a child.  The theme of hope accounts for the most basic human aspiration—a better future, the kind of future at which Sheikh Zayed always aimed,” he said.

“Last year, at your third international conference, I focused on the connection between your work and the concerns of my Ministry of Tolerance.  I noted the critical importance of children in communicating the value of tolerance.  If the UAE is to be a peaceful and productive global crossroads, all children living here must experience a good education that expands their horizons and helps them encounter and understand people, ideas, beliefs, and customs different from their own.  Children in the UAE are maturing within a marvelously diverse population, composed of people from some 200 different nations, living and working together in peace.  Children in the UAE live in a global society, and they must be educated as global citizens,” he said.

“Conferences like this one make it possible for you to give your patients access to the latest artificial reproductive technologies, enhancing the likelihood they will be able to have children,” he said.


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