• H.E. Al Mansoori: Decision Strengthens UAE’s Position on the Global Investment Map
H.E. Al Mansoori: Decision Strengthens UAE’s Position on the Global Investment Map

H.E. Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, UAE Minister of Economy, said that the recent choice of the UAE Closet to raise global investors' possession of business to 100 per cent, and the launching of an integrated system for UAE visas aimed on drawing in abilities, is a landmark step that fasts lane the nation's efforts in the direction of accomplishing the objectives of the National Agenda 2021. H.E. Al Mansoori added that these choices play a considerable function in boosting the growth of the country according to the UAE Centennial 2071, by supplying a distinct benefit to UAE's competition in attracting global financial investments and consolidating its placement as a preferred location for phenomenal skills and competencies across different top priority sectors and disciplines.

Al Mansoori noted that these decisions enhance the wisdom and vision of our leadership, which continuouslies propel the UAE from stamina to stamina. He included that it underscores the UAE Federal government's precise estimate of existing conditions and its capability to prepare for future trends in the direction of a much more sustainable and progressive economy.

He said that the new 100 percent possession system for global investors will strengthen the UAE's picture on the global investment map and major global companies will now be eager to establish branches in the nation. He included that this critical step would boost the inflow of foreign straight investments in the UAE, specifically key markets that aid improve trade and raise the number of projects and firms, which subsequently will certainly aid the prosperity of the business environment and the development of the national economy.

He also highlighted that the UAE offers several investment-friendly benefits and motivations, whether it remain in terms of calculated place, political safety and stability, social and social openness, energetic financial plans, investor-friendly regulations, world-class facilities, specialist and customized services and a global side in terms of innovation and leadership in vital markets such as trade, aviation, ports and logistics.

H.E. included: "Over the past years, these factors have prospered in developing UAE's setting as the first Arab country for drawing in foreign investment. Nonetheless, the new regulations enabling 100 per cent ownership to international investors, the stipulation of 10-year visas for investors and their family members and for those with sophisticated skills and experience, represents a considerable initial step amongst lots of in developing a system of investment and growth legislation in the country. It sends out a clear message that the UAE is among the best locations worldwide for prominent investors and financial investments, as well as for innovators in various techniques, all which are pillars for building the economy of the future."

H.E. pointed that the lasting impact of these choices would verify to be favorable and enhancing for the economy since it would contribute to building human capital and supporting national-level capabilities and proficiencies. These landmark decisions would also help bolster innovation and imagination in the young generation, by allowing them to interact and connect with global abilities and knowledge, that will be brought in to this country, he said.

H.E. added that entrepreneurship, which was a vital aspect in the sustainability and diversification of the economy, will certainly be revitalized with this critical decision as global investments and competencies in the medical, engineering and scientific research markets will certainly create a number of possibilities for developing effective collaborations and the transfer of knowledge, modern technology and best practices, for sustainable financial and social development.




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