Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Signs Partnerships in Support of UAE-Egypt Efforts to Develop Educational, Intellectual & Cognitive Output

  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Signs Partnerships in Support of UAE-Egypt Efforts to Develop Educational, Intellectual & Cognitive Output

Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) chaired a top-level delegation to Egypt, during which he signed a Memorandum of Recognizing (MoU) with the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Technology (MCIT), stood for by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and the Library of Alexandria. The potential customers of participation in the growth of the smart education system and the production of joint channels for the exchange, dissemination, enrichment and settlement of knowledge in the Arab World were additionally discussed. The browse through was an opportunity to discover new horizons to combine the UAE-Egyptian relations in the area of instructional, intellectual and cognitive growth, according to the University's commitment to instilling a culture of intelligent education based on innovation, excellence, top quality and clinical research study, locally and regionally.

Joint efforts with the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT)

Dr. Mansoor Al Awar consulted with Yasser Al-Qadi, the Minister of Communications, who authorized a joint collaboration protocol for the growth of the smart education market and the promotion of entrepreneurship in accordance with the needs of the 21st century, in an action towards further reinforcing the strong bilateral ties between the UAE and Egypt in the field of education. It concentrates on the development of a clear roadmap to set up an innovative design of smart education in the Arab World with Emirati-Egyptian adherence. Al Awar and Al-Qadi stressed the requirement of transporting synergies in the direction of ideal financial investment in modern technology, according to the ambitious strategic aspirations to earn smart discovering the very first column and the foundation for the innovation of the academic sector, along with boosting the Arab World's reputation as a leading center of knowledge, education and academic excellence in the world.

Quality education and intelligent e-content

HBMSU signed a cooperation protocol with ITIDA in the presence of His Excellency the Egyptian Minister of Communications to develop an incorporated system of intelligent education and technical innovation to support the growth efforts in the Arab World. Under the arrangement, the two celebrations will work to guarantee top quality in the area of intelligent learning and discovering by developing a 'quality framework' for those supplying education, academic programs and clinical research study making use of infotech, along with cooperating in the facility of an Arab certification center for training and intelligent learning, and evaluation and screening centers for academic and specialist programs. The collaborations will focus on helping with the execution of academic programs in between HBMSU and its equivalents in Egypt in various vital self-controls, especially software program engineering and organizational excellence.

Library of Alexandria to launch ‘Embassy of Knowledge’ in HBMSU campus

In a strong boost to the UAE-Egypt cooperation, Dr. Mansoor Al Awar signed a tactical partnership with Dr. Mustafa El-Faqi, Director of the Collection of Alexandria, which is a global seat of scientific research, knowledge and culture, presently goinged by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as Honorary Chairman. Under the collaboration method, the Library of Alexandria will open up a ‘Knowledge Embassy’ this September on the HBMSU school, making it the first ‘Embassy of Knowledge’ outside the nation. Both parties will collaborate to develop the Unified Arab Index, establish and share the Digital Asset Storage Facility at the Library and explore new perspectives for fruitful partnership in long-lasting knowing, specialist development programs, collection science, bibliography and archiving, in order to progress the innovation of educational results in line with the period of the knowledge economy.

The Arrangement likewise included establishment of center for the development of smart e-content, with a purpose to sustain the scholastic and expert demands and continuous community education, and to develop a research center and increase imagination on electronic media, to be the emphasis in the area of education and smart learning. It was consented to develop the ability of students and faculty members in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, with the development and circulation of courses and instructional conformity according to the standards adopted by both sides.

Dr. Mansoor Al Awar said: "It is an honor to build this new partnership in between the UAE and Egypt, which is the result of many substantial conversations and previous workshops between the University, the Ministry of Education, the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Knowing Programme and the Egyptian Ministry of Communications. We convened to explore ways to incorporate technological advancements in improving the education industry and attract a new future for higher education in the Arab World. We also applaud the partnership with among the historic libraries in the world which houses 3,000-year old archives and material, a place of big relevance in improving the intellectual, academic and learning production in the Arab World to attain global excellence. We are certain that this partnership will be an enhancement to our initiatives and the efforts of the universities that look forward to boost new growth in the Arab World. The Memorandum of Agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and the cooperation additionally with the Library of Alexandria affirm the confidence of the federal government, academic organizations and cultural and educational companies in the Arab World in HBMSU as the very first academic entity dealing with forming the future of higher education via smart education method which supports our undertakings in the direction of a knowledge-based and competitive economy".

Al Awar added: "These new partnerships are tactically important and develop a substantial step towards embracing the joint efforts to make a favorable adjustment in education and knowledge on the regional level and accomplishing the striving goals to exceed the traditional education to get to an incorporated education system according to the technical and telecommunication revolution, which is known as the core feature of the 21st century. The go to was a distinguished step for us to share our leading experience fit the future of education in the UAE and the Arab World, which was based upon necessary basis such as smart education, life time discovering, innovation, high quality and scientific research.”

Cooperation with Alexandria University

HBMSU delegation's go to was concluded with a conference with Dr. Essam Al Kurdi, President of Alexandria University, to talk about the very best means to accomplish the objectives of knowledge and education cooperation, therefore additional improving the historic connection between the UAE and Egypt. The smart education efforts and training programs supplied by the University were showcased during the conference, which mirrors the value of smart education as a strong structure that defines the future of ssocial and economical development worldwide.




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