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Gulf Capital to Create a Global IVF Fertility Platform following its Acquisition of IVI-RMA’s Middle Eastern IVF Fertility Operation for over US$ 100 Million
Three-year growth plan to increase number of clinics by three-fold and expand the operations regionally and to Asia and Europe

Gulf Capital, one among the biggest and most active different alternative managers within the Middle East, declared on January 16, 2020 its three-year growth plans for IVI-RMA Middle East, the quickest growing provider of fertility treatment services within the GCC, following its acquisition of 100% of its stake for over US$ 100 million.

The transaction is a corporate carve-out of the Middle Eastern clinics of IVI-RMA, the biggest IVF service afforder globally, and continues Gulf Capital’s strategy of control over stakes in market leaders.

Gulf Capital is actively targeting investments among the quick growing and defensive healthcare sector and has known the fertility sub-sector as a key focus priority, given its expected double-digit growth rates across the region. With raised awareness coupled with the technological advancements within the field, the fertility sector in the GCC is forecasted to following grow at 15%+ CAGR annually over consecutive five years.

Launched in early 2016, IVI-RMA Middle East has established itself as the quickest growing IVF service provider within the UAE and oman, growing at a 500th CAGR since beginning, on the strength of terribly high success rates relative to industry peers. With over 1200+ pregnancies in less than four years, the provider’s success is driven by the scientific and individualised approach of a extremely proficient medical team. With attention on original research and publications, IVI-RMA Middle East has achieved the highest success rates within the region, with pregnancy and birth rates that position it among the top-quartile globally. Gulf Capital can bring back the present management team to still deliver best in class treatment and success rates and to roll out operations across the region.

The new chapter of IVI-RMA Middle East can see the implementation of an ambitious three-year plan. The plan can see the launch of a {brand new} platform-wide brand identity in 2020, the inauguration of a modern genetics laboratory in Abu Dhabi, and increasing the number of clinics by over three-fold to 9 clinics taking the provider to new markets within the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The corporate and Gulf Capital also will be opportunistically watching acquisitions in alternative geographies.

Dr Karim El Solh, Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Capital, said: “We are excited to back the strongest management and medical team within the IVF sector regionally. This dealing exemplifies Gulf Capital’s tried and tested strategy of acquiring dominant stakes in market leading Middle East in high growth sectors. IVI-RMA geographical region is that the quickest growing IVF service supplier within the GCC, and that we are excited to be collaborating with its Middle East management team to take this platform to next level. The investment in IVI-RMA Middle East is Gulf Capital’s largest equity investment to date and is the initial corporate carve-out in our Firm’s history.”

Dr (Professor) Human Fatemi, Medical Director for IVI-RMA Middle East, remarked: “Over the past few years, the uptake of aided reproduction methods to conceive has increased exponentially within the GCC, particularly among the urban population. infertility within the Middle East has been on the increase due to the ever-evolving lifestyle patterns and other disorders. However, most of the treatment protocols are primarily based upon western treatment plans. while the IVF market within the GCC is growing quickly, there's a transparent need to address problems like standardised clinical protocols, structured coaching, genetic laboratories and moral practices. At IVI-RMA Middle East, we are undertaking fundamental analysis across all connected areas as well as genetics research based upon our observations and trials regionally. It has been our constant endeavour to help more and a lot of couples to satisfy their dream of beginning a family by providing the most advanced fertility treatments in accordance with international tips, the proper the correct technology.
Our partnership with Gulf Capital shall facilitate us provide our services to a good broader section of the population.”

Suresh Soni, Chief Executive Officer of IVI-RMA Middle East, said: “We are excited to partner with Gulf Capital as we commence our next phase of enlargement and growth. we share a standard vision:
‘Paulatim ergo certe’… Slowly therefore surely. The cornerstone of our success is good science and technology, that interprets into the most effective medical outcomes for our patients. We have world-renowned IVF specialists and embryologists operating in ultra modern facilities. We shall still deliver the most effective treatments and services to our patients so they receive the best value for his or her money. Our partnership with Gulf Capital, that has a storied and long history of import addition and operational experience, can facilitate accelerate our growth internationally and position us united of the biggest international IVF fertility platforms.”

Hazem Abu Khalaf, Managing Director at Gulf Capital, added: “We were terribly impressed by what Suresh Soni and Dr. Human Fatemi have been ready to accomplish in such a brief period of time. IVI-RMA Middle East’s research targeted and patient centric approach has allowed it to create a formidable track record that compares favorably even with the best IVF centers globally. With a regional market expected to still expand at a double-digit growth rates over consecutive 5 years, we are assured that our partnership can alter the team to expand its coverage and services into new territories globally and to deliver market leading success and birth rates. we are obsessed on our future plans along and look forward to operating closely with the team on this new phase of growth.”

Gulf Capital was suggested by Allen & Overy and PwC. The marketing shareholders of IVI-RMA Middle East were suggested by Lincoln International, Clyde & Co and ernst & Young.




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