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Get a glimpse of the royals as the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi opens to tourists

Get a glimpse of the royals as the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi opens to tourists

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Dubai, 07 March 2019: Have you always been curious about the mighty royal mansions of the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi? Wondering what the insides would be, and what the fragrance of the gardens would be? Well, the golden chance to become a royal guest in the Presidential Palace is finally here!

The Palace in Abu Dhabi has decided to open one of the buildings in its compound, named Qasr Al Watan to tourists, making it the latest tourist landmark of the country. Qasr Al Watan, literally translated as the ‘Palace of the Nation’, will be officially open to the public on March 11 at 12 pm.

A first-of-its-kind experience, a walk through the insides and the outsides of the regal residence will take one through a journey all the way from the splendiferous past and the glorious Arabian culture & heritage of the UAE to the values and beliefs that have sculpted the country to perfection as well as the unparalleled innovations that will uphold its future.

The experience will provide tourists with a never-before chance to explore and understand the rulers and ways of governance of the nation. Profound knowledge of the values that have shaped the nation to what it is today can be attained during the visit. The picturesque beauty further surpasses anticipations with the splendid Arabian craftsmanship along with exquisite artistic contributions and traditional calligraphy.

A significant attraction is the Qasr Al Watan Library with its wealth of precious human knowledge covering various aspects comprising the culture, development and achievements of the UAE. The library is home to a vivid collection of books treasured over centuries.

Furthermore, in the evening, the tourists get to marvel a light-and-sound show as the palace lights up narrating the nation’s story in three acts: the past, the present and the future.

The two categories of tickets are Palace and Garden Ticket priced at Dh60 for adults and Dh30 for kids, and Garden Only Ticket giving access to the Gardens and Visitor Centre alone, priced Dh25 and Dh12 for adults and kids respectively. You can also find Tour Guides to take you through the place. The allowed visiting time is 10 am to 8 pm.

However, visitors will have to be cautious about the dress code, short-sleeve blouses, tank tops or short skirts are not allowed for ladies while men are advised to wear pants and not shorts.

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