GEMS Education Takes Part in Global Entrepreneurship Week

For the second consecutive year, GEMS Education took part in this years Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) from November 17th to 23rd, 2014. Global Entrepreneurship Week is the worlds largest event dedicated to motivating innovators and creating global start-up opportunities. GEMS Education feels GEW resonates its vision for inspiring students to become the creators of tomorrow.

Through GEW and with the support of their lead sponsor, Mashreq Bank, GEMS was able to connect its students with an array of entrepreneurs and local mentors so that they participated in global marketing and product development competitions, expert-led workshops, and in-class projects and challenges.

Activities that were part of GEW included the Mashreq GEMS Mobile App Development Challenge, Paper Clip Trading Competition, Lunch with an Entrepreneur, and the DECA Idea Challenge. The GEMS Mashreq App challenge highlighted digital learning by encouraging students to develop mobile apps to educate corporate and investment banking clients on the benefits of online banking. In addition, sports enthusiasts from GEMS World Academy joined Emirates American Football League to learn about turning ones love of sports into a business.

Lunch with an Entrepreneur comprised of start-up and co-working business entrepreneurs sharing their success stories and exchanging knowledge over lunch with students and parents. As such GEW highlights and gives GEMS Education schools the change to fulfil its mission to develop prominent enterprising students.

We have joined in on the celebrations of Global Entrepreneurship Week to bring our students a widely recognized platform to inspire them into digital and business learning. Our events for GEW range from a variety of competitions and workshops to help our students pave their path to a bright future filled with leadership opportunities in a digital society, said Christine Nasserghodsi, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at GEMS Wellington International School.
Motivating students to reach their full potential, enhancing their creative and enterprising skills, and helping them develop a successful character are central goals for GEMS. GEW provided GEMS with a platform to showcase and propagate new ideas, encourage students to develop resolute skills and empower them to think inventively.

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