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With Five Simple Tips To Help Unleash Your Creativity Fill Your Day With Colour And #StayHomeWithJumeirah

  • #StayHomeWithJumeriah
  • #StayHomeWithJumeriah

With Five Simple Tips To Help Unleash Your Creativity Fill Your Day With Colour And #StayHomeWithJumeirah

With people motivated to remain indoors for the upcoming few weeks, many are looking for distinctive methods to maintain themselves and their family entertained. Whether it’s helping you learn a new skill or simply suggesting creative ways in which to spend time with loved ones, Jumeirah needs to be a part of your home experience and to fill your life with colour in the course of these special times. 


Drawing, painting and colouring is validated to have a wonderful impact on mental well-being. It reduces stress and helps control anxiety, as well as fosters a positive and healthy mindset, which is more vital than ever. #StayHomeWithJumeirah and paint away any blues by following five simple tips from Art Dubai Resident Artist – Nahla Al Tabbaa; from drawing portraits of your cherished ones and working towards calligraphy to constructing your own sketchbook and innovating paints by only using natural substances such as herbs and spices.


Dedicate a space

Carve out a quiet, meditative and contemplative area to work. This might be a little corner in your room, dealing with a window with a tabletop, and storage space for all your materials.


Draw portraits

Take the time to draw portraits of your loved ones in the course of this time. Pay attention to their elements and attempt to draw portraits as often as possible, or once every day, for a week. Reveal to yourself the series once the week is over, and try to see whether you have made progress, observed or emphasised particular features, and use these studies to create a last portrait. If you are at domestic alone, deliver your furniture and house plants to life through drawing portraits of them too!


Practice hand-lettering

Pick a quote, a piece of news, or any snippet of information that conjures up you. Draw this quote using big, daring lines, paying close attention to calligraphy, the size of textual content and your coloration choices.


Bind your own sketchbooks, and curate their content

There's nothing more satisfying that the usage of a needle and thread to bind your own sketchbook. This does not have to be many pages, however just enough to create a small book. Think of a theme this book would have and fill it to the brim with your sketches. 


Develop your own pigments at home

If you are at home without any paints, turn to your pantry. Spices and herbs offer severa and captivating results. Turmeric, when mixed with water, vinegar and egg tempera, will provide you yellow, hibiscus will offer you a fierce magenta, and purple cabbage when boiled with baking soda will give you an electric blue. 


Nahla Al Tabbaa is an Art Dubai Resident Artist, urban place-maker and educator. She presently consults on pedagogical and socially engaged art projects and is a skilled curator and presenter with Frying Pan Adventures. She got an MA in Curatorial Practice (2012) and a BFA in Sculpture (2009).

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