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Emirates Health Services showcases 16 staff projects in its exhibition ‘We Celebrate with Our Projects’

Emirates Health Services showcases 16 staff projects in its exhibition ‘We Celebrate with Our Projects’

The Communication and Marketing Department at Emirates Health Services (EHS) has organised an exhibition titled ‘We Celebrate with Our Projects’, where it showcased 16 projects by EHS staff members, in an effort to promote happiness and positivity in the work environment, support staff projects, and encourage a culture of innovation and creativity at the workplace.

The exhibition was launched in the presence of Dr Yousif Mohammed Al-Serkal Director-General of Emirates Health Services (EHS), along with directors of various departments at EHS, namely, Mr. Adnan Al Riyami, Director of Human Resources; Mr. Rashid Al Ali, Director of communication and marketing department; Dr Sarah Al Shaya, Director of Data and Statistics department; Mr. Waheed Al Mulla, Director of Facility management and administrative services department, Dr Mubarak Hassan, Director of the Procurement and contracts Department, and Mr. Ahmad Al Suwaidi, customer Happiness department, as well as a number of other department heads and employees.

Mr. Rashid Al Ali, Director of the Communication and Marketing Department, congratulated the employees on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha and praised their efforts and participation in various projects, urging them to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency in implementing EHS’ plans and strategies, and to keep playing an active role in advancing EHS’ position and enhancing its work environment.

“The work environment is making significant strides and advancements in terms of career innovation,” he added. “Emirates Health Services continues to implement its outstanding training programmes to empower and upskill employees. It is essential that team members’ efforts are directed towards promoting innovation and creativity, and that we all remain committed to excellence and strive to achieve concrete results that position EHS as a leader in sustainable health development and a pioneer in keeping pace with growth and development.”

Organised on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, the exhibition is in line with Emirates Health Services’ plans and strategies to upskill national cadres, promote a positive and competitive working environment, and position EHS as a leading destination for innovation in health, where innovators have the opportunity to design top-quality projects.

The showcase included a series of projects, which included Muthhila’s project for dukhoon and perfumes, Rawaihat Al Jannah coffee, Umm Rashid’s project for perfume and oud oil, Amoh mixtures, Al Jawaher for incense and perfumes, and Ghawazi Perfumes, among various other projects.

The exhibition offers an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and exploring different experiences; it drew a wide participation from EHS employees, and showcased innovative and diverse projects that Emirates Health Services will work to support and encourage, in line with its strategies and development plans that centre around developing and empowering human capital, and adopting employees’ ideas and projects in order to enhance the work environment.