EDSIIC: Estonian Defence Forces Assess Impact of Robotic Solutions on Defence Capabilities

  • EDSIIC: Estonian Defence Forces Assess Impact of Robotic  Solutions on Defence Capabilities

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) has granted a public contract to a consortium of the Estonian Defence and Safety And Security Industry Innovation Collection to release a project entitled 'Automated systems on the battlefield', taken care of by the Centre for Applied Researches at the Estonian National Defence College (ENDC).

" The aim of the project is to evaluate exactly how unmanned and automatic systems could contribute to our fight power and exactly how we can gauge the effect of these new systems on combat power. To attain this, we will run a variety of field experiments and tests in partnership with the 2nd Infantry Brigade systems," said Lt. Col. Sten Allik, Chief of the Centre for Applied Research Studies at the ENDC.

In collaboration with the Estonian Protection and Protection Industry Innovation Cluster consortium, the project will examine numerous unmanned ground and airborne systems and the risks associated with the exchanges of information, and will additionally look for solutions to earn various systems interoperable.

" Robot solutions and smart combat zone systems are altering warfare throughout the world; their efficient use provides a considerable benefit over conventional weapons systems," explained Kuldar Väärsi, Chief Executive Officer of Milrem Robotics.

According to Väärsi, Estonia has a number of strong technology firms that supply solutions in a variety of different fields, such as cyber support, electronic warfare, and unmanned ground and aerial lorries.

" We want to be a trusted partner in the advancement of Estonia's protection abilities and detailed smart field of battle systems," added Väärsi. This is the first R&D purchase by the Estonian Support Forces focused on field experiments.

The purchase treatment for the lease of unmanned ground and areal lorries and for data collection was executed by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI). The consortium is based upon the Estonian Protection and Safety And Security Industry Innovation Collection and includes the following members: Milrem AS, the leading partner, creates and produces robotic ground systems; Marduk Technologies OÜ is a designer of drone discovery and anti-drone services; AS Telegrupp provides different interaction remedies; Smart Defence

Equipments OÜ creates combat zone understanding and details monitoring systems; OÜ ELI
establishes and makes UAV-s and training systems; GuardTime AS is the world's biggest commercial blockchain modern technology carrier; OÜ Rantelon's major area of business is the designand production of digital warfare remedies; and Threod Systems OÜ specialises in developing, producing and running unmanned aircraft systems and their subsystems.

The Estonian Support and Safety Industry Innovation Collection is co-funded by the European Regional Advancement Fund through Venture Estonia (Project EU49327). The objective of the cluster is to come to be a centre of proficiency in research and development and export in the defence industry market. The vision of the cluster is to develop synergy via co-operation between nationwide and worldwide capital in order to strengthen the Estonian support industry and its exports. More information is readily available at https://defence.ee/about/.

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