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ECT strengthens Engineering faculty with new Accredited Programs

ECT strengthens Engineering faculty with new Accredited Programs

Emirates College of Technology (ECT), one of UAE's most established and most esteemed colleges authorize for quality higher education; as of late declared their recently licensed engineering programs by the UAE Ministry of Education for their Fall semester 2019-2020.

Emirates College of Technology (ECT) has exhibited a guarantee to constant improvement and greatness in engineering education, and advancing academic quality in its programs and tasks. The programs accredited remember Bachelor of Science for Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

The Civil building program represents considerable authority in development and establishing the foundation of projects. The program is intended to furnish students with broad information on logical ideas and techniques that emphasis on the advancement and maintenance of infrastructure and facilities on which the modern life depends, for example, road design and maintennce, air terminal runway development, highway and bridge design, among others. Students enrolled in the course will have the option to make design plans, have the option to see, analyze and solve issues in engineering projects, supervise functions of facilities in nearby local municipalities and make creative decisions in institutional environments.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering centers on growing efficient industrial productive mechanical procedures and strategies, using HR, machinery and materials to improve procedures and services. Students will be furnished with the strongest skills in statistics, engineering economics, innovative work, frameworks and development, system and equipment design, safety. Maintenance and operation to guarantee lower generation costs so as to have the option to apply quality control in ventures.

"ECT has consistently strived to keep up the highest standards of education. We are appreciative to our understudies, resources, and staff, in contributing towards this accreditation procedure and empowering us to accomplish another achievement in the college’s history" said Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni, President and CEO of Emirates College of Technology. "We are humbled by this certification by the Ministry of Education and anticipate growing these endeavors in the future."

ECT is centered on future development and expansion of resources and administrations to present and future students. Its Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is another recently authorize program that empowers students to understand the basics of mechanics, teaching about computer applications electricity, design, mathematics and physics with the capacity to keep up mechanical units, vehicle motors, and aircrafts.

Students selected at ECT will likewise have the option to enlist for these programs in the coming spring semester 2020-2021. After some time, additional programs are relied upon to be added to the educational curriculum.

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