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During COVID-19 Maternity Care

  • COVID-19 Maternity Care

During COVID-19 Maternity Care

Dr. Desislava Markova, a Fetal Medicine Specialist from a prominent IVF clinic Abu Dhabi outlines handy tips for expectant mothers to have a smooth pregnancy during the pandemic

Pregnancy is a special time for couples-- loaded with enjoyment and happiness. However, given the present situation, as well as the increasing restrictions imposed on our lives as the world comes to grips with this pandemic, expectant mothers can really feel anxious as well as nervous.

To ensure pregnant women can sail through this period smoothly, Dr. Desislava Markova, Lead, Fetal Medicine, IVI Fetal Medical Center, Abu Dhabi, outlines some simple tips to help women secure themselves and also their soon-to-arrive baby.

Have a Plan in place:

Having a plan in position for your birth can help relieve feelings of anxiety by offering you a greater sense of control. "The plan ought to include whom to call when the labor starts as well as from where to get assistance during labor. Establish beforehand what restrictions can be imposed on getting support from relative if the delivery happens at a hospital," advises Dr. Markova.

Turn to Self-care:

During this time around, many clinics, as well as hospitals, might not encourage individuals to visit their facilities. In such situations, it's finest to invest in easy gadgets that will help you monitor high blood pressure, heart rate, and so on at home. "Such small investments can be empowering throughout this unsure time. Yet one need to additionally make sure to have the proper knowledge and also sources to manage the instruments correctly," included Dr. Markova.

Count On Trusted Sources Only:

Even though it's the safest to make just required visits to the facilities right now, it does not mean that there are no fertility doctors available to address a couple's queries virtually. Those utilized to checking out mom and parenting blog sites might discover them valuable but there are high possibilities of finding some questionable guidance there. So Dr. Markova says, "Soon-to-be mothers need to only count on their gynaecologists or Fetal experts for any kind of medical advice. It is best to discuss every little thing and also be open with your doctor to ensure having a safe delivery".

Eat Healthy, Be Healthy:

 A few of the very best things that you can do for a smooth pregnancy are having a healthy diet as well as practicing easy-to-do exercises. "Nutritious food, as well as basic practices like yoga and meditation, benefit pregnant women. But one of the most important element among every one of these is your psychological wellbeing. So, whenever having negative ideas or anxieties, see to it to communicate them with your loved ones," discussed Dr. Markova.

She additionally included, "We at IVI Fertility Clinic Middle East want soon-to-be-mothers to recognize that we are there for them. Our major purpose is to make sure that they in addition to their families have a positive birth experience, no matter the pandemic".

While your pregnancy may look nerve-wracking during the pandemic, it is still possible to have a safe delivery and also birth with the above tips.

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