Ducab HV Energises 400kV Cable Circuit

  • Ducab HV Energises 400kV Cable Circuit

The 400kV cable circuit, completed two months ahead of schedule, makes use of the leading technology from the industry. It operates at the highest voltage used within the region, 1000 times the voltage of the power socket in your house, and could carry sufficient power to provide four buildings the size of the Burj Khalifa.

The project for the Taweelah B Power plant in Abu Dhabi owned by TAPCO is the initial 400kV circuit to get in service utilizing cable televisions made in the GCC, another milestone established by the Ducab Group. The circuit is a critical part aiding Tapco supply a protected power supply for the Emirates.

Dale Huntington, Managing Director - TAPCO said: "One of the key factors we granted this project to Ducab HV was the difficult plan and to complete the project two months in advance of timetable reveals the genuine advantage of having a first-rate local provider."

Ahmad Al Mazrouei, Chairman, Ducab HV said "This is a pleased moment for Ducab HV and a terrific example of the advancement of technology within the region. Ducab HV was conceived as a joint endeavor in between local utilities and Ducab for precisely this factor; to be able to give the highest possible innovation from a local base. The success is to excellent team job from all our personnel along with the end customer TAPCO, our client AGPS, and our suppliers."




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