Dubai Municipality launches second season of 'Souq Al Freej' in Al Warqa Park and Al Barsha Pond Park

Dubai Municipality has launched the second season of the 'Souq Al Freej' initiative, a dynamic project designed to strengthen and support local small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) while showcasing their homegrown products.

The initiative will unfold in two phases, with the first phase scheduled from December 15 to 31, 2023, at Al Warqa Park, followed by the second phase at Al Barsha Pond Park from January 5 to 21, 2024. Operating hours for "Souq Al Freej" are set from 4 pm to 10 pm.

This innovative project aims to establish commercial avenues for small-scale local entrepreneurs, empowering them to exhibit and market their homemade products within the community. By enhancing their visibility and engagement in neighborhood gardens, the initiative also seeks to encourage youth entrepreneurship, promote welfare activities, and showcase locally crafted products in public spaces.

Ahmed Al Zarooni, Director of the Department of Public Parks and Recreational Facilities, highlighted the Municipality's commitment to managing and developing public parks that define Dubai through diverse commercial and recreational events. He emphasized that these initiatives contribute significantly to residents' and visitors' happiness and well-being, positioning Dubai as an attractive and welcoming place to reside.

Al Zarooni further stated that the second season of the 'Souq Al Freej' initiative will bring new additions and investment opportunities for local residents, encouraging them to pursue and develop their ambitious projects. With the aim of fostering customer trust in locally produced items, the initiative also strives to intensify competition among entrepreneurs, promoting quality products at competitive prices. The upcoming season will feature a range of recreational activities for all age groups, including playgrounds for children and a variety of dining options.

To support entrepreneurs, the Municipality plans to offer concessions such as on-site logistics facilities and free display platforms. The anticipated market will host approximately 30 projects, and the Municipality will introduce digital solutions to streamline the application process for participating businesses.

The inaugural season of 'Souq Al Freej' drew over 95,000 visitors, held at Al Barsha Pond Park between December 18 and 27, 2022, and at Al Warqa Park 3 between January 1 and 15, 2023.

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