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Dubai Municipality conducts 1,859 inspections during Eid holidays

Dubai Municipality conducts 1,859 inspections during Eid holidays

Dubai Municipality has carried out 1,859 inspection visits to various locations in the emirate that hosted Eid Al Adha celebrations, with an aim to ensure their full compliance with established rules are regulations.

The inspection campaign falls in line with Dubai Municipality’s commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of community members who visit the celebration places, which in turn contributes to enhancing their overall happiness and well-being.

The inspection tours conducted during the festive period saw Dubai Municipality harness its financial, human, and supervisory resources and capabilities in addition to the potential of smart technologies. Furthermore, cooperation with strategic partners contributed to the effectiveness of the campaign, as the nominated work teams included several inspectors and supervisors who visited various celebration venues in Dubai.

The inspection teams were able to effectively cover all targeted sites, which included many event venues, establishments, and related buildings. These included shopping centers, game areas, food establishments, hotels, municipal markets, salons, cinemas, parks, and beaches.

Dubai Municipality conducts periodic inspections, monitoring campaigns, and visits to oversee various activities and events that take place in the emirate. These often cover popular markets, vegetable and fish markets, bakeries, food outlets, and restaurants to ensure the right conditions for storage and preparation and their adherence to health and food safety standards established by the Municipality.