Dubai Customs marks World Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with flagship events

In celebration of the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dubai Customs has its own agenda to mark this event, presenting a variety of activities and initiatives along the month of October.

Maryam Khalifa Al Shamsi, Head of Dubai Customs Ladies Committee stated: This campaign is part of the Ladies Committees continued efforts towards maintaining the wellbeing of DC women staff, seeking to raise their awareness about the various aspects and proactive measures to combat breast cancer. At the same time, the move aims to sustain ladies general health education on the prevention of prominent malignancies.

She added: We have started and planned for a series of activities and initiatives, which include, but are not limited to, setting a huge stand made of pink roses with the shape of the globally known pink ribbon, as well as the distribution of awareness cards with gentle reminding statements on the causes and means of prevention of breast cancer. Employees are also reminded of the immense need to do early medical check-ups, including mammogram, and lead a healthy life style, while also maintaining a stress free environment whether at home or at work.

The on-going campaign comes under the motto Be Aware. A series of educational messages and art productions on the same theme will be broadcasted via the display screens spread all over the main venues of the DC headquarters. There shall also be a joyful event pertaining to this campaign along with the DC kindergarten children.

The international breast cancer awareness month is a global initiative that was first globally adopted in October, 2006. The campaigns logo entails a pink ribbon that has become a universal emblem for raising awareness of breast cancer and showing support to the less-fortunate women who were affected by the disease.

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