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Dubai Culture presents self-development skills as part of ‘School of Life’

Dubai Culture presents self-development skills as part of ‘School of Life’

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is seeking to nurture and develop the cultural and life skills of community members through its ‘School of Life’ programme taking place at Dubai Public Libraries. Awaiting participants are interactive and educational workshops aimed at empowering self-development skills and caring for their mental and physical health.

The ‘School of Life’ programme in November focuses on improving the quality of life. The programme will take place at Al Safa Art and Design Library, Al Twar Library, and Hor Al Anz Library, presenting innovative ideas that would enable community members to develop their skills across multiple subjects, including budgeting basics, among others.

Different ways

At the forefront of the programme is the ‘The Art of Journaling’ session, which will introduce audiences to journaling as a mentally stimulating activity that helps with mental health. Alternatively, the ‘Personal Finances’ session will present different ways to earn, save and manage money and spending. Similarly, the ‘Budgeting Basics’ session will emphasise the importance of budgeting. In this regard, the ‘Monopoly’ game will be utilised to highlight the impact of financial mistakes on life.

Enhancing productivity

The act of listening constitutes the essence of the ‘How to Talk So People Can Listen’ session, which will help individuals learn ways to develop it. The ‘Caring for Our Well-being’ session, on the other hand, will highlight the effects of individual self-care and its repercussions on his social environment.
Introducing nutrition and the importance of eating healthily is another of School of Life’s programmes, represented by the ‘Healthy Eating for Families’ session, which will teach community members how to divide meals, provide the body with nutritional requirements, and integrate healthy eating habits into their daily lives.
The sessions will not be limited to physical health only but will extend to include mental health as well. The ‘Stress Management’ session will introduce community members to the causes of stress and ways to reduce it through stress-management exercises. The ‘Mindfulness of Our Environment’ programme will shed light on the importance of being present in the moment and how an individual can become more aware of their actions, while the ‘Sweet Dreams: Sleep Hygiene’ will highlights the importance of sleep health on enhancing the physical and mental structure of the individual, improving the quality of their lives overall.


In line with Dubai's aspirations to be one of the world’s most vibrant and active cities, the ‘School of Life’ project presents the ‘Exercise Wise’ session highlighting the importance of exercise and its ability to boost energy levels in the body and improve moods.

The educational and interactive sessions will be presented by experts in their respective fields, reflecting Dubai Culture's commitment to providing an innovative educational environment in an effort to promote positive thinking, develop life skills, and cultivate creative talents.