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“Digital Infrastructure Student Idea Challenge 2020” Announced By Bentley Institute

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“Digital Infrastructure Student Idea Challenge 2020” Announced By Bentley Institute

Bentley Institute, a leading company advancing infrastructure professions by empowering practitioners, students, and educational institutions via non-stop learning, scholarships, internships, and utilized research partnerships, currently unveiled its Digital Infrastructure Student Idea Challenge 2020. The challenge is persevering with Bentley Institute’s undeterred mission of nurturing future professionals, assisting them remain active, engaged, and enthusiastic amid the difficult times of school closures and self-isolation.

With migration, urbanization, and climate change placing growing stress on the world’s-built environment, the industry have to radically change and innovate to supply resilient infrastructure. Bentley Institute is searching for students from throughout the world to come up with visionary thoughts and creative concepts that could probably radically change infrastructure and make a positive effect in the world.

The challenge is open to individual students (or teams of two) from community colleges and schools, polytechnics, technical institutes, and universities. To participate, students want to choose a project that is applicable to any infrastructure domain and propose a smart, ground-breaking solution concept. Students have to submit a presentation and PDF file (with a minimal of five hundred words) of their conceptual ideas, not a detailed technical answer with a design. However, students have to describe how software technology should play a role in their proposed concept. It ought to additionally be supported by graphs, figures, videos, and pictures.

In addition to gaining recognition from Bentley Institute, the pinnacle prevailing crew will acquire a cash prize of USD 5,000. The winners of the Best Presentation, Best Challenge, and Best Solution classes will additionally win cash prizes of USD 2,000 each.

Bentley Institute encourages all students to use time at home constructively to recommend thoughts for a better tomorrow.

To take part in the challenge, students ought to register before May 15th, 2020 and submit their initiatives by June 15th, 2020.