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COVID-19: MBZUAI expert discusses the role of AI in predicting and fighting pandemics

COVID-19: MBZUAI expert discusses the role of AI in predicting and fighting pandemics

During this month's MBZUAI Talks session- organized by Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world's very first graduate-level, research-based artificial intelligence (AI) university-- Dr Mohammad Yaqub, Assistant Professor at MBZUAI and research fellow at the University of Oxford, discussed the role of AI in the current fight against COVID-19, as well as how it can be applied to help identify future pandemics and halt their spread.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to be prepared for high-impact, disruptive events. According to Dr Yaqub, AI and academic study are proving to be vital tools in overcoming COVID-19 and also future pandemic cuts.

The 'How does AI aid fight the COVID-19 pandemic?' webinar was the 2nd in the MBZUAI Talks series, which sees experts in the field of AI host helpful sessions to give members of the general public with a much deeper understanding of artificial intelligence and also its transformative possibility.

Throughout the webinar, Dr Yaqub provided an introduction of several cutting-edge options leveraging AI to assist, discover, react and also recover from the pandemic. He additionally reviewed exactly how AI can predict future infections; assist in healthcare options; accelerate research study to comprehend and treat COVID-19, and also even forecast the influence of federal government plan choices.

Dr Yaqub claimed: "AI might make post-pandemic healing quicker, simpler and also a lot more robust. During the COVID-19 pandemic, AI has been crucial in tackling not only the health care effects of the condition however additionally several other vital influences which impact social, financial as well as plan-making choices. The world is facing several difficulties as it fights COVID-19, nevertheless, advances in AI options could be significant in aiding the fight against future pandemics."

When it comes to COVID-19, Dr Yaqub discussed just how several companies had used AI and also effectively flagged an uncommon increase in pneumonia situations in Wuhan, the day before China introduced the new infection. 

The business employed their own AI algorithms to mine news and social media sites resources to recognize different patterns. If even more information could be included as well as incorporated from various other resources, such as healthcare facility admissions and also flight information, Dr Yaqub recommended that AI could be an extremely effective monitoring tool in the future.