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Cool down this summer at Senso Wellness Centre

Cool down this summer at Senso Wellness Centre

Be prepared for another sizzling summer with one of Senso’s special packages, specially designed to give you that extra prep to beat the heat.

Start your journey of relaxation with a refreshing Cold Tea Bath that is designed to ease the pain of your sunburn and cools you down from those sizzling temperatures.
The various types of tea contain tanning acids that soothes your sunburned skin, relieves pain and reduces the typical redness associated with sunburns.

You will then fall into complete relaxation with one of Senso’s signature massages, combining our Sport, Swedish and Aromatherapy Massage, perfect for restoring your energy levels and to keep your skin nourished and hydrated throughout summer.

To complete your day at Senso your feet will be treated with a relaxing Reflexology treatment that improves blood circulation, eases pain and loosens up the body to give you that extra boost that gets you through these hot summer days.

The 2 hour Spa Package includes:

• Cold Tea Bath Soak (30 min.)
• Senso Signature Massages (60 min.)
• Foot Reflexology (30 min.)
• Free access to swimming pool before and after the treatment

All that for only: 500.00 AED per person

* Above prices are in AED, inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 10% Municipality Fees.

Discover the secret of eternal youth and escape into total wellness of body, mind and soul at Senso Wellness Centre. Embrace the soothing tranquillity of five individually designed, Asian-themed spa rooms and choose from a comprehensive menu
of beauty and massage treatments drawn from global techniques.

Look out for Senso’s monthly promotions that are specially
designed around unique occasions or to prep yourself
for seasonal changes.

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