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Short Film ‘Adeeb Al Balooshi’ Captures Life of Little Emirati Inventor

Short Film ‘Adeeb Al Balooshi’ Captures Life of Little Emirati Inventor

  • Short Film ‘Adeeb Al Balooshi’ Captures Life of Little Emirati Inventor

“I want to become an Emirati scientist and to benefit all human beings from my knowledge." These words summarize the vision of the little inventor Adeeb Al Balooshi, aged 10. The UAE government channel on YouTube is broadcasting a short exclusive film on Adeeb, his life around family and studies, as well as his impressive accomplishments.

The film documents Adeeb’s journey in the field of innovation, and how it all began in his quest for solutions to real-life issues. In the film, Adeeb says: “We went to the pool one day, and all of us immediately went into the water, except my father who was delayed. When I asked him the reason for the delay, he said he had to remove his artificial foot. I decided then to create water-proof artificial foot. I have no lab but I invent things in my room to help people.”

Adeeb speaks about himself in front of the camera spontaneously but with humility, talking to his family at home and his friends via Skype. He is seen waiting for the school bus and having fun with classmates, practicing swimming – his favorite hobby – and surfing social media channels. The film brings together Adeeb the child and Adeeb the innovative to highlight the intrinsic character of the little inventor.

“Once I get a toy, I first try to figure out how it works, and then only I play with it,” Adeeb says in the movie as he checks out electronic components of one of his favorite toys.

The three-minute film also emphasizes the importance of family care, and contains several educational messages. Adeeb’s father is shown in the film saying: “Adeeb is a representative of not only children in the UAE but the entire world. Adeeb’s participation in international events was possible only due to the full support of the UAE government, and his nomination as an ambassador of the Interpol is a huge responsibility that will strengthen him. We really hope that Adeeb can achieve his ambition.”

The movie concludes with the little Emirati inventor encouraging other children to take the path to innovation and work hard for the good of the society.

The video will be broadcast by the UAE government’s channel on YouTube: (www.youtube.com/uaegov) that was launched last June by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The channel is the official source of news from the federal government, and broadcasts an exclusive collection of short films with high quality.

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