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To Contain The Virus Crisis Hytera Anti-Pandemic Solutions Is Assisting

To Contain The Virus Crisis Hytera Anti-Pandemic Solutions Is Assisting


The current outbreak of COVID-19 has affected all of us. Given the difficulties the world is presently dealing with at this time of uncertainty, Hytera has developed a new solution to assist those who are on the frontline of struggling with the disease, which includes customs police officers, healthcare workers and enterprise staff. The solution targets to fight the spread of COVID-19 through using rapid deployable, non-contact body temperature detection and communication technology.

Enables customs to track anytime, anywhere

Land border crossings and immigration customs control points at ports and airports are specifically susceptible areas as huge numbers of vacationers pass through them on a day by day basis. If it is feasible to detect that someone has an abnormally high temperature at the border, it will become simpler to minimize the threat of the contamination spreading at home and abroad.

Hytera has developed a safe, efficient and precise way to measure the body temperature of vacationers using non-contact methods. The solution offers a way to remotely identify the body temperatures of multiple persons at the same time up to a distance of 3m with no threat of close touch infection. An automatic warning is triggered and dispatched to Hytera PNC550 PoC radio gadgets if an unusual temperature is detected. The person whose temperature is unusual can then be isolated, re-checked, and sent to health center if necessary.

The solution saves a lot of time and manpower, as it offers a way of screening huge numbers of people concurrently at border posts, thereby getting around the near-impossible alternative solution of having to test people’s body temperatures manually, one at a time, which would involve close contact.

Deployment of Hytera VM780 body worn cameras (BWCs) also helps to protect the security of travelers and customs officials. Border controls can lead to confrontations between officers and travelers, however BWCs can assist defuse aggravating conditions as people typically calm down if they understand they are being filmed.

The video footage can present difficult evidence of what took place in an incident to confirm the truth of the traveler’s or the official’s account. Video can additionally provide transparency to make sure officers are conducting themselves in accordance to regulations.

The Hytera VM780 permits live streaming over 4G/Wi-Fi networks. It extensively enhances situational awareness for officers in the field and for supervisors in the control room, as well as assisting to maintain personnel safer.

Ensures hospitals run effectively and safely

In the healthcare environment, hospitals want non-contact detection techniques to process people getting into the health center to minimize the threat of cross-infection of staff, who have to be protected so they can look after their patients. Non-contact detection tools are wanted at the entrances of hospitals to try and pick out people with abnormally high temperatures earlier than they progress any further into the building.

The solution entails placing up a Hytera temperature measuring device geared up with correct facial recognition and remote temperature measurement technology at gates, reception areas, workplaces or anywhere that is suitable. Once again, if anyone is detected with an unusual temperature reading, then an alert is sent via the mobile radio app to the Hytera PNC550 PoC device.

The technology is capable to recognize faces even if the man or woman is wearing a mask. This makes it convenient to distinguish between workers and visitors. The solution automatically generates entry data detailing the person, their temperature reading, what time they entered or exited the constructing and so on, making it convenient to trace people.

To minimize the risk of infection, doctors can use their Hytera PoC radios to make remote diagnoses and to talk about every patient’s case with colleagues using group video call or one-button instantaneous audio call. This avoids close contact conditions and helps to preserve hospital staff safe. In addition, the PNC550 PoC radio’s 5-inch touchscreen supports full operation using gloves, which further helps to defend staff from infection.

Bodycams can also record video footage of scientific inspections and treatments in the hospital. The movies can not only be used as proof during medical disputes, however can additionally be shared as training materials to improve the quality of future medical services.

Ambulance paramedics can use Hytera VM780 bodycams to stream live video from the ambulance back to the health center to provide doctors with real time monitoring of the patient’s situation. The health center has an early warning of the state of the patient and can set up the splendid response ready for when they arrive.

Doctors can make remote diagnoses and provide recommendation to the paramedics, potentially enabling essential medical interventions to be made on the way to the hospital. Again, the video can be used as proof in the event of any later medical disputes.

A worry free solution for enterprises

Enterprises can additionally make use of the solution via deploying Hytera temperature measuring devices at the gates or lobby entrances to buildings. This will notice whether any worker has an abnormally high temperature as they come into work.

Again, if the gadget detects anyone with a high temperature, an alarm will be caused and sent to the security guards’ PoC radios and to a control center if there is one. The solution is very flexible and convenient to install and could additionally be set up in large apartment buildings, metros and railway stations.

The availability of dependable communication services means workers can better protect residents both in times of crisis and in regular daily operations. Hytera’s solutions are assisting the international community combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The capacity of different authorities to collaborate easily together at all times helps create a safer society.

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