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Community Development Authority raises community awareness about People of Determination’s rights at work

Community Development Authority raises community awareness about People of Determination’s rights at work

Campaign sheds light on successes at work and highlights importance of providing them with suitable job opportunities

Dubai's Community Development Authority (CDA) has propelled a community campaign planned for expanding awareness about of the privileges of People of Determination at work. The campaign intends to feature examples of overcoming adversity and upgrade the comprehension in the society and business community on the significance of empowering People of Determination to work as per employments suitable for them to urge them to join different parts without feeling separated for their capacities, and in lined up with the requirements of the work showcase. A few People of Determination were picked as envoys of the campaign and will join CDA during occasions to talk about their entitlement to work.

The campaign is in a joint effort with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and it is a piece of CDA's coordinated program actualized for the current year in regards to bringing issues to light about the rights at work of People of Determination. The campaign incorporates a display which was arrangement at Mirdif City Center showcasing a video of their examples of overcoming adversity in their work environments.

The campaign, titled 'I Can', furnishes guests with a review of the general privileges of People of Determination and their entitlement to be incorporated, enabled and have the option to verify openings for work to upgrade their capacity to become materially independent and put resources into their skills and capabilities. KHDA will furnish them with key data about its drives trying to utilize People of Determination through its recruitment platform.

Maitha Al Shamsi, Executive Director of the Human Rights Sector at the Community Development Authority, said that the Authority has started actualizing its coordinated program to bring issues to light about the privileges of People of Determination early this year, including the dispatch of the 'My Right' early on booklet, which contains data about their privileges and the different instruments that ensure them considering the International Convention on the Rights of People with Disability and the Federal Law for Persons with Disabilities No. 29 of 2006 and Local Law No. 2 of 2014. She referenced that instructional courses were likewise held for entrepreneurs and HR authorities in government and private elements concerning People of Determination's right to work.

Al Shamsi further featured that allocating a campaign platform in one of the busiest shopping malls in Dubai would assist them with arriving at a more extensive section of society to educate and encourage people to help the privileges of People of Determination.

Al Shamsi clarified: "Accomplishing our objectives of boosting awareness about the rights of the most vulnerable groups expect efforts to arrive at all social strata as a major aspect of our efforts to construct an agreeable and comprehensive society. This requires the investment of all individuals from the general public and they can't assume their job without full consciousness of the rights. We are certain that the 'I Can' campaign will have a critical effect in extending our span in the network and increment their support in elevating and adhering to these rights.

The 'I Can' platform is in Mirdif City Center's entrance opposite Carrefour until Tuesday, December 17 where visitors can visit and find out about the services and projects that the Authority gives to People of Determination.