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  • Comment of Mr. Ivano Iannelli, CEO of Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) Following Earth Day Celebrations in the UAE
Comment of Mr. Ivano Iannelli, CEO of Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) Following Earth Day Celebrations in the UAE

"The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has constantly been at the center to educate citizens throughout the nation to practice and sustain lasting
campaigns, and the Planet Day activities this year were a testimony of the country's dedication to its initiatives.

It was inspiring to witness the contributions made by the public and private sector on this essential occasion, and a few of the payments can also be labelled as best techniques, which will act as a benchmark for countries around the world.

The launch of sustainable initiatives, payments and numerous other tasks show the UAE's determination to live life in much better consistency with nature. This is not just extensive, yet also proof of the future focused vision of the UAE's management to improve the community's recognition that will guard the atmosphere and educate the general public.

Once again, the UAE has revealed the power of partnership, with the personal and public field collaborating to take on sustainable and lasting options to deal with the difficulties of tomorrow. It is certainly inspiring to see the collective initiatives of the UAE come together to help minimize the impact of climate change.

As all of us recognize, Planet Day is a global celebration of solidarity for the planet, and provided the vulnerable state of our world I 'd claim, we make every day Earth Day. From below on out, we have to get rid of the passiveness and embrace lasting habits that help in reducing waste and make the Earth.

greener. Let all of us aim to develop understanding and carry out actionswhich will not just minimize the unfavorable effect on the atmosphere, but likewise highlight the crucial role community members could play to reduce carbon footprint and preserve power.

Just like tiny decreases make a sea, small individual efforts when taken together can create a big influence for the earth. So, allow's all promise to proceed our sustainable initiatives and make the Planet a cleaner and greener place.




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