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  • Children in the UAE will enjoy creative play with Meraas’ new ‘eduplay’ attraction at CITY WALK
Children in the UAE will enjoy creative play with Meraas’ new ‘eduplay’ attraction at CITY WALK

Play is commonly recognized as an important component to a kid's development that adds to their cognitive, physical, social, and psychological wellness. And, as the early years of a child's development set the basis for knowing, behavior, and health that last a lifetime, it is important to enable a child the liberty to play and be participated in activities that maximise their development potential.

Recent research studies have highlighted the favorable pattern of children in the UAE spending more time playing-- with much of this play time used up in exercises.

Experts note that there is still room for enhancement when it comes to encouraging imaginative pastimes amongst children. Instead of depending on structured programs and learning, professionals recommend that taking part in problem-solving and role-playing activities can go a long way in optimising a kid's creative capacity.

Given this background, the recent announcement by Meraas, a Dubai based holding business, to launch Mattel Play! Town is definitely prompt. The brand-new tourist attraction will provide children in Dubai between 2 and 10 years of age, a safe indoor 'eduplay' tourist attraction where they can enjoy playing and finding out essential life lessons in an unwinded setting.

Mattel Play! Town will take advantage of the 'eduplay' principle-- a play-based education model that highlights the importance of stimulating kids's imagination and love for fantasy to facilitate the advancement of social skills. The hub is set to captivate children's senses and enable them to step into the world of their preferred animation characters.

Throughout five themed play zones, kids can join Barneyᵀᴹ, Thomas & Friendsᵀᴹ, Bob the Builderᵀᴹ, Angelina Ballerinaᵀᴹ, and Fireman Samᵀᴹ, in a range of activities that have been thoroughly designed to boost communication, self-sufficiency, and adaptive skills. In addition, kids will likewise find out inter-dependence, team building, and problem-solving.

Each play zone has been customized to fit various age and supply diverse eduplay benefits. Young children and pre-schoolers will discover that sharing is caring and establish social skills with Barney, while Bob the Builder will help kids refine their analytical abilities and ability to work as a team by developing his method through obstacles with his Can-Do Crew. In addition, an on-site café serving healthy and nutritious meals and treats will teach kids the value of wholesome eating practices.

Moms and dads can also play along with their kids at Mattel Play! Town and sign up with the excitement of engaging with characters they themselves loved as kids.

For additional information, please go to www.playtowndubai.com




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