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Celebrate UAE National Day with "Treasures of Arabia" Art Exhibition at Ahmedia Heritage Guest House

Celebrate UAE National Day with "Treasures of Arabia" Art Exhibition at Ahmedia Heritage Guest House

The United Arab Emirates, one of the most effervescent energy places, is once more facilitating an extraordinary workmanship display on Nov 30th, 2019. With in excess of 48 painting for a one month Art Exhibition out of appreciation for the UAE's 48th National day. The fine arts for this show are inspired by the UAE, Arabic culture and its legacy.

Guests to the show will discover inconceivably excellent pictures of UAE's most paramount tourist spots, historical sites, social festivals and a lot more things like individuals, creatures, scenes, design and life in the United Arab Emirates, which makes this nation so lively and cosmopolitan! Organized by Art4youGallery and curated by Jesno Jackson, the display will be available to people in general from 30th of November till the 30th of December 2019 on the Ahmedia Art Gallery at Ahmedia Heritage Guest House.

Art4You Gallery authors Jesno Rengi and Rengi Cherian are dynamic individuals from the UAE Art brotherhood, persistently making stages to exhibit superlative gifts through different occasions which has been to a great extent refreshing on a worldwide stage.

Ahmedia Heritage Guest House speaks to an oasis of quiet in the rushing about of Al-Ras Deira Dubai, at the core of Al-Ras Heritage region adjoining Al-Ahamadiya School. An amazing and welcoming customary mansion with a magnificence access to Courtyard, encompassed by feasting and seating territory concealed by sun rooftop, mix of these reestablished villas has 15 open rooms ignoring the Courtyard. The cabin place gives visitors a chance to find the extravagance of old Arab culture and the genuine taste of times passed by as they unwind in the serene environment.